When is "good enough" enough (as it relates to your prices)?

Now, let me preface this by saying I think you should ALWAYS be improving your craft.



Challenging yourself.

However, what is “good enough” to start charging for your services? (or raising your prices?)

Here’s my take on it…

If you can confidently book a client knowing you can consistently produce the same caliber of images you showcase on your website – AND you have your legal ducks in a row – then you are in a position to be charging for your work.

Yes…it really comes down to just that (in my opinion).

(ahem…so that one-in-a-million session that was waaaaay better than most of your regular sessions – that’s NOT actually the one you want to feature! Trust me…highlight what you can consistently produce!)

So, how about when to raise rates?

Some people say, after a year.

Some say, when you are so busy you are turning people away.

Some say, when your work is “better” (What does that even mean? Better than what?)

Here’s what I have to say…

YOU are the business owner, you decide when to raise rates!

No one is going to ‘give you permission to raise rates.”

You genuinely are in the driver’s seat here.

Which can be darn scary!

You need to understand…

  • what YOUR costs of doing business are
  • what YOUR income goals are
  • what YOUR dream shooting schedule is

Then you can determine what your session fees/average sales need to be to reach YOUR goals.

(notice how I didn’t say, “look at what your competition is charging and then price yourself in that range”)

My challenge to you is to take some time to review your current work and pricing.

Are you consistent?

Does your pricing support YOUR income goals?
(or are you hoping the numbers will magically produce an alternate reality!)

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