In case you haven't heard…(shocking, I know)

TheMilkyWay.caPsst….here’s a little ‘secret’

You aren’t the photographer for everyone.

I’m not the photographer for everyone.

NO ONE is the photographer for EVERYONE.

And that’s ok.


Seriously (so don’t make a face like the little dude on the right!)

I want you to take a quick minute to think about this.
(even if you are thinking, ‘yes, yes…I’ve heard this all before’)

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

Someone emails asking about your packages.

You send them your session + pricing guide.

They then email back to see if you have a “smaller package.”

Or, they just need 1 image, can you do that?

Your immediate reaction is to hop on the defensive.

Please don’t feel insulted.
It wasn’t an attack on you personally.
Or a slam against the value of your work.

It was simply a request to see if you are able to meet their needs.

You aren’t.

So professionally and kindly refer them to someone who does fit their needs.
Or simply let them know that you do not offer that type of service/packages.
End of story.

There’s no need to relive it.
Or share the tale online.
There is no need to turn that person into an evil ogre.
They aren’t “the bad guy”

They simply aren’t your client.

Not everyone is going to be.

Now, if you find you are getting a lot of “not your clients” contacting you, perhaps it’s time to revisit your messaging.

The types of promotions you are running.

The ways you are reaching out.

The language you are using.
(of course…first you need to KNOW who your ideal client is).

Do you?

Have you really, really taken time to identify her?

If you haven’t, you need to! Really!

Some people think the exercise in clarifying your perfect client is hokey.
Or a waste of time.
Or just a bunch of fluff.

And I guess if that’s your view, it will be! 😉

But…I encourage you to recognize that in order to be able to effectively communicate with your perfect client, you need to know who she is (and the type of language/benefits will appeal to her).

  • Why is she interested in photography?
  • What does she hope it brings to her life?
  • What is she scared she’ll miss out on if she doesn’t have it?

These are the things you need to know and effectively communicate to her.

And in doing so, you will be speaking directly to her (and most likely filtering out those who you don’t service).

Thus decreasing your number of ‘not ideal client’ inquiries.

But…they are still going to happen.

And when they do, simply reply with grace and move on.

(NOTE: if you shift your business model/pricing, realize that you may be serving a new ideal client…don’t despair when past clients seek a photographer that still fits their needs and you are no longer the right fit for them!)

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