A guide to your FREE business planner for photographers!

Milky Way’s free annual business planner for photographers has become the most anticipated freebie every year! Did you grab your copy? You can do that here: https://themilkyway.ca/yearlyplanner

Our planner takes an honest look at the past year, and celebrates all the victories, but also looks at where in your business things went wrong.

Using this info, we look ahead to the coming year, we set specific and attainable goals, and then generate a monthly, weekly and daily plan to reach those goals an objectives.

But it’s not just about your business. Because your business is also about YOU. So we look at how you can prioritize setting boundaries, practicing self-care and being the best version of yourself for your family AND your business.


Prefer to read about the business planner for photographers? Here you go!

The saying goes: “A goal without a plan, is just a dream!”

If we don’t take the time to reflect on how our past year was, how do we know where we need to pivot and change so we can grow?

If you hopped in your car and just started driving, and you had no idea where you were going, how would you know that you got there?

I love when photographers get clear on their businesses and the lives that they want to create – it’s kind of my jam! In this episode, we’re going to dive in together into the first few sheets.

It’s no surprise that businesses who plan, outperform those who don’t. I’m going to guess you’re in business to succeed, based on what your definition of success is. Now it’s important that you get really clear on what it is that you want for how you want to run your business and what your end goals really are.

We all have totally different goals, and nothing is going drill you faster then trying to set up your business to copy someone else who has entirely different goals.

Take a deep breath, focus inward, get honest with yourself, and start setting yourself up to achieve the things that matter the most to YOU.

In order to know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been, and how things felt. The first few sheets of the planner are all about looking in the rearview mirror, and getting truly honest with yourself. Was 2019 everything that you really wanted it to be? And if not, what needs to change?

In the work sheets of the planner, you’ll be able to deep dive into areas of your marketing, your personal life, and your numbers. My biggest advice is to not let this be something that you avoid doing just because it’s easier to bury your head in the sand. Because nothing is going to change unless you do.

We often forget that we are the creators of our life. We get to choose. We get to be responsible for our success.

And I am your biggest cheerleader, cheering you on!

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