My Favourite Photography Studio Management Software: IRIS WORKS

My favorite photography studio management software is without a doubt Iris Works – click here for your free trial and see if you agree with me!

photography studio management software
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It only took one client to show up at my door for a session that I had totally forgotten about to realize that I needed help managing my photography studio! I vowed, never again, and tried out a bunch of different software.

In the end, Iris Works was my choice because it’s easy to set up and equally easy to use. So many CRMs offer great services, but it wasn’t intuitive to set up and took hours and hours to figure out. Who has time for that!

In this video, the customer service team from Iris Works show you exactly how to get up and running with the software in record time, along with seeing the most common features in action.

We look at setting up calendars to make it easy for clients to book, creating workflows to enable automation that will save you hours (and won’t let you forget sessions!), and handling leads and customers.

Your legal needs are also looked after with model releases and contracts built right in. And every email that your client receives will be with your own brand – no more ugly third-party forms that don’t fit your business style and branding.

A feature in Iris Works that you won’t see anywhere else is the Locations Feature. It allows you to list locations where you usually shoot in a map format, and even share that info with clients.

We also demonstrate how to easily set up payment options to enable clients to easily pay your invoices online.

And at tax time, you will appreciate the integration with QuickBooks! All information will populate into QuickBooks so you don’t have to re-enter all your financial information again.

Iris Works has been a lifesaver for me in my photography business. It can be for you too!

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