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Styling Tips for Family Photography

family walking away from camera

Chances are good that your family photography clients will look to you, the photographer, for styling tips for their upcoming family session. And that’s a good thing! Clothing choices can truly make or break a session, and it’s a consideration that is often overlooked in the planning stages of contracts, retainers, location scouting, etc. Wardrobe […]

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Fun Ideas for Holiday Sessions

I wanted to share a few ideas I’ve used in my Holiday Sessions that you might want to try in your studio! You know how there are lots of little overlays you can place on your images in Photoshop? Well…that’s NOT what I used in this image! (well..not entirely) I picked up a glassless decorative […]

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Rainbow Baby newborn sessions to honour and inspire

A rainbow baby is a baby born after parents have previously experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or other natural causes. A newborn photography session for a rainbow baby is usually filled with lots of emotion – it’s a reminder of the sadness of the previous loss, an honouring of the memory […]

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7 Ideas for Sizzling Summer Family Photos

With the weather turning hot and the days getting longer, more and more clients will be turning to you for summer family photos. Embrace these unique opportunities either by suggesting them as locations to you clients, or perhaps having a special mini-session. Head to the Beach Nothing quite screams summer photo shoot like the beach, […]

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11 Ideas to Stay Connected with your clients

The whole “stay connected with your clients” seems to be one of those things that starts with good intentions, but then falls to the wayside when things get “busy.” I get it.  It happens.  But I also know how much impact taking the time to reach out can have on my business and relationships with […]

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