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Newborn Poses with Siblings

Your success in nailing newborn poses with siblings will depend on how easily you can adapt! The toddler crowd is unpredictable, and I always warn clients that we will do our best, but nothing is guaranteed! So for the 2019 Newborn Retreat, we asked Erin Elizabeth Photography to teach specifically on strategies for working with […]

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Newborn Posing with Moms

Newborn posing with moms may seem like an impossible task! Moms are usually so hard on themselves, and very often are hesitant to be part of their baby’s newborn photos. However, I urge you to try everything you can to convince Mom to get in the frame. In the moment they may not be feeling […]

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Newborn Posing with Dads

Expanding your workflow to include newborn posing with dads is a great way to not only fill your gallery, but also to give dads a way to remember just how small that little baby once was.  Some Milky Way students, as well as some of our 2019 Newborn Retreat teachers have shown us some of […]

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Newborn Macro Images

“Get close. Then get closer.” This is a well known “rule” in the photography world. The newborn macro image is how this rule translates in the world of newborn photography. After all, the whole reason why newborn photography is even a thing, is to capture those newborn features that fade as the days tick on. […]

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Parent Poses for Newborns

posed newborn with parent portraits

Parent poses for newborns come in all shapes and forms. Parents are pictured cradling their babies in studio during posed newborn sessions, or staring in wonder at their little one’s features at an in-home lifestyle session. They may even be holding them close during outdoor sessions. One thing doesn’t change, though … newborns love being […]

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