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Light modifiers for newborn photography

Your options may seem overwhelming when you have to choose light modifiers for newborn photography, and you may not know where to start when deciding what to buy. And how do you even use these softboxes and umbrellas? If you’ve been confused about your light modifier options for your newborn studios, this quick tutorial will […]

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Newborn Macros: Hands and Fingers

Adding newborn macros to your gallery is a great way of ensuring your clients have a wide variety of image to choose from. Even when baby is still in the womb, parents are counting fingers and toes on ultrasounds. It is thus no surprise that macro images of tiny newborn hands and feet are some […]

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SMART Goals for Photographers – Business Planning that Works!

smart goals for photographers

Smart goals for photographers are actually S.M.A.R.T goals for photographers! That means that when you sit down to plan and set goals, you need to set goals that are: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic, and Timely. The time to plan is NOW! Setting goals in your business means that you will have tangible objectives to strive […]

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Studio Lighting for Newborns: Choosing the Right Light Power

Bigger and more powerful lights are not better … well, at least not when it comes to choosing studio lighting for newborns. We’re looking for light systems that can create soft light that wraps around the newborns, and that looks like natural light. And to do that, you need a system that can produce light […]

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5 Common Lighting Mistakes of Newborn Photographers

You’re ready to stop making lighting mistakes. Everyone said your newborn photography would get better when you started using studio lights. “Consistent results” they promised. You’ve watched every Youtube video you can lay your hands on, and you spend hours jumping between Facebook groups reading post after post about newborn photography. Yet here you are […]

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