Uh oh…are you wearing "busy as a badge?"

A question for you today…”Do you wear busy as a badge?”

hi_so_busyI realized that lately, I am – again! And I need to stop.

Does this conversation sound familiar?

“Hi, how are you?!”

“OMG… Soooooooo busy”

“I know me too!! Soooo busy”

What is it with our obsession with “busy?”

Are we trying to prove we are successful, smart, likable… important?

(and if so…who are we trying to prove it to? Ourselves?)

Here’s the thing…you CAN have ‘free time’ AND be amazing, talented and successful.

It’s OK to hop off the hamster wheel of “Book, shoot, edit, repeat.”

There’s nothing particularly awesome about taking laptops to play dates and birthday parties and trying to sneak in answering a few emails, or even editing a few photos while the kids open presents or play on the swings.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Let’s stop the glorification of busy – together 🙂

  • It’s OK to slow down.
  • It’s OK to take on less clients.
  • It’s OK to take “time for you.”
  • It is OK to have delegated office and shooting hours, and just to work in those times.
  • It is OK to take a weekend off during “the crazy family + holiday session season.”

The funny thing with busy…when you get into a bit of whirlwind, your stress levels elevate, you lose focus and you get less done.

Open up some free time. Find your focus. And be mindful of what you are doing during work hours.

(simple in theory – harder to execute..I know!)

But my challenge for you (AND for me!) is to take an honest look at your relationship with “Busy.”

Does it need to be adjusted?

If so…take care of that!


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