…sorry, but it’s important

We’ve heard from many of you that this is the year you really want to make the leap from part-time to full-time (or from hobby to part-time).

That is fantastic.

This post is for you (it’s also for you if you are already full-time…or thinking about going pro anytime soon) – so um…it’s rather a universal message.

It’s not a fun topic.

So for that, I apologize.

But, it is really, REALLY important.  And it’s easy to keep putting off!

So many of us get into the photography world because we love telling stories.

We get excited about being able to capture family history and help people preserve these moments forever.

It’s thrilling to see your art evolve. 

To see the visions in your head to come to life (well…digital and print “life”).

But what is less thrilling, but oh-so-important, is making sure you are putting the same amount of care, attention and love on the business side of things.

Are you?

Let’s see…simply answer yes or no to the following:

1. I have studio policies in place that clearly outline client + studio expectations. AND I ensure that every client has a chance to go through it (and understand it)

2. I ensure ALL my clients sign a contract before our session takes place (and I include a model release form as well if I want to post their images for advertising purposes).

3. I know how many sessions/month I am aiming to book (because I have taken the time to figure out what my income goal is + I have an accurate picture of my monthy/annual expenses).

4. I have a consistent workflow in place that ensures that things don’t fall through the cracks (and I actually FOLLOW this workflow…err…guilty!)

5. I create and execute on marketing/promotional strategies throughout the year (NOT just when I realize I have no bookings and am scrambling to fill spaces)

6. I have a way to keep in regular contact with my clients throughout the year to stay top-of-mind.

How are you doing so far?

Let’s leave it there, so it doesn’t become overwhelming!

If you answered mostly “yes!” – AWESOME!  Was there a few places you could still improve?

If you answered mostly “no” – that’s ok. But it’s time to start loving up your business a bit more.

Don’t get overwhelmed.

Pick the one thing that is most important, and set aside a couple hours to get it done.(may I suggest having clear policies and contracts…this is going to save you misunderstandings and grief – and possibly legal woes –  down the road!)

(side note: if you want done-for-you contracts/policies – or at least a solid starting place, TheLawTog* has lots of options – created by lawyer/photographer Rachel Brenke).

I know spending money + time on this kind of stuff can feel like sock shopping…uh…I hate spending money on socks…but it’s necessary! 😉

So, my challenge for you this week is to give yourself a ‘business check-up’ and take care of ONE thing you know needs to happen.

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