Newborn Macro Images

“Get close. Then get closer.” This is a well known “rule” in the photography world. The newborn macro image is how this rule translates in the world of newborn photography. After all, the whole reason why newborn photography is even a thing, is to capture those newborn features that fade as the days tick on. […]

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Parent Poses for Newborns

posed newborn with parent portraits

Parent poses for newborns come in all shapes and forms. Parents are pictured cradling their babies in studio during posed newborn sessions, or staring in wonder at their little one’s features at an in-home lifestyle session. They may even be holding them close during outdoor sessions. One thing doesn’t change, though … newborns love being […]

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Newborn Posing on the Beanbag

Are you looking for some inspiration for your newborn posing on the beanbag? We’ve asked our Milky Way students and teachers to show us some examples of all the different poses you can successfully incorporate into your beanbag workflow. Be sure to pin the image above so you can easily find this post again later! […]

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Dreaming of Christmas

Holiday Mini Session Ideas for Photographers - from The Milky Way

Ready to get into the holiday spirit?  If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place! Holiday mini-sessions are a great way to introduce prospective new clients to your business, and to strengthen the connections you have with existing clients to make them come back to you year after year. Many photographers […]

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Newborn Posing | Getting GREAT angles on the beanbag

newborn posing

Getting your newborn posing right is only one half of a great image – you still have to press the shutter! And which angle you use when you press that shutter can make or break your image. In today’s behind the scenes video, Lisa shows you, in first person view, the best angles you can […]

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