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10 Ideas for Dad and Child Poses

Here’s a little bit of inspiration for your next family session – featuring the dads!  I love showcasing the playful nature of dad and child relationships, while still keeping some tender moments in there. Dad is often able to put 2 kids on his lap (one on each leg) with just a little effort, so […]

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Standing Poses for Family Sessions

family posing with kids on fence

Standing poses for families are wonderful ways to not only show off the family, but also the area surrounding them. Bring on those golden hour sessions and let’s get inspired! It doesn’t get more classic than this! A simple standing pose where everyone is looking at the camera. Taller kids standing beside a parent, shorter […]

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10 Ideas for Mom and Child Poses

mom kissing daughter

Chances are that Mom was the one who booked the session, so making sure that you have mom and child poses for each of her kids that melt her heart should be one of your top priorities. A simple pose with child just standing next to Mom is a great starting off point. Use prompts […]

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Sitting Poses for Family Sessions

Sitting poses for families are beautiful (and practical!) for so many reasons. Firstly, it shortens the bodies so that the focus falls on their beautiful faces (which is what they want from a family photo after all!). Many parents who are self-conscious about their bodies will find some security in sitting poses, as they are […]

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