Newborn Macros: Hands and Fingers

Adding newborn macros to your gallery is a great way of ensuring your clients have a wide variety of image to choose from.

Even when baby is still in the womb, parents are counting fingers and toes on ultrasounds. It is thus no surprise that macro images of tiny newborn hands and feet are some of the images parents love most!

We asked some of our Newborn Retreat students to share their favourite newborn macros with us. Enjoy marveling at the miracles of little hands and fingers. We hope you’ll find some inspiration for your own sessions!


Capturing a newborn’s features in the first hours after birth is so special. The wrinkles, the flaky skin, even the hospital bracelet, are all parts of the unique story of this little one. And much of it disappears by the time formal posed photos are done at 5-12 days old. This is what makes birth and Fresh48 sessions so special.

newborn hand hours after birth
Allie Blaylock Photography

Clutched fists

Although posed newborn photographers work hard at straightening out baby fingers in their poses, there is a certain charm of remembering the little fists that newborns naturally make. Don’t hesitate to capture those as well.

baby fist on white blanket
Chantelle White Photography
newborn baby with clutched fist
Brooke Allbright Photography

Wrinkles and dimples

We don’t think it gets any cuter than hand dimples! And those little wrinkles on newborn knuckles are totally swoon worthy! By carefully considering your lighting for these newborn macros, you can highlight all the folds and wrinkles.

newborn macros of hands
Linda Baldock Photography
wrinkly newborn hands
Fourfold Images
closeup of newborn hand
Brooke Allbright Photography
newborn hand with dimples
Fourfold Images

Tiny fingernails

They’re often surprisingly long, their shape can be the same as mom or dad’s, and cutting them inspires fear in any new parent! Fingernails are a feature not to be overlooked when doing newborn macros.

newborn fingernails macro shot
Doodlebug Captures
newborn fingernails
Neon Productions

Show scale

While an image of a newborn hand clutching a parent’s finger will no doubt evoke ALL the feels, it also shows just how small that little baby was. Make a point of getting a shot like this that shows scale.

newborn hand clutching adult finger
Amanda Leatherberry Photography

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