One Prop, Many Ways: Posing in Wagons

You may think that posing in wagons is very one-dimensional…is there more to it than laying a newborn down in the wagon? After all we always emphasize that when you’re just getting started with newborn photography, it is imperative to choose props that are versatile and can be used in many setups.

While traditional props like buckets, baskets, and boxes are the typical choices for versatile props, the wagon is often overlooked.

We’ve assembled some inspiration for you to see how one wagon can lend itself to so many different poses. Just always remember to keep the safety of your clients at the top of your mind. Be sure to look at this post on safety considerations when choosing props.

All photos: Milk & Honey Photography


By simply changing out the basket stuffers, layers, blankets, wraps and headbands, you can get a ton of different looks. And don’t forget to switch direction – it can make a huge difference to the overall look of the image!

newborn baby posed in wagon
wagon with newborn posed inside
wagon with newborn baby
newborn twins posing in wagon
newborn posing in wagon

Newborns with siblings

As long as you have ensured that the bottom of your wagon is solid, and the legs can handle the weight, you can also use the wagon to pose the newborn with their siblings.

two boys posing in wagon with newborn
radio flyer wagon with kids
3 siblings posing in wagon with baby

Sitters and toddlers

Once those newborns grow up, they will come back to your studio for sitter sessions and cake smashes. How special is it when you can pose them in the wagon again and see how much they’ve grown!

toddler laughing in wagon in photo studio
child climbing out of wagon in studio
two brothers posed in wagon

Special Occasions

The classic wagon, especially the red Radio Flyer version, looks amazing when used in your Christmas-themed sessions!

christmas mini-session with wagon


Bring the wagon outside for your family sessions! Not only can it carry all your stuff, it’s a natural prop to be used by kids outdoors, whether sitting in it or pulling a sibling along!

child sitting in wagon in field
toddler sitting outside in wagon

Pin this image so this post is handy when next you want to incorporate posing in wagons into your workflow!

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