Newborn Photography Safety: The Importance of a Camera Strap

Why does a camera strap get its own video in our newborn photography safety series? Because it is that an important topic in photography.

Whether you are a newborn photographer, or family photographer – wearing your camera strap when doing overhead shots is a habit you should learn to incorporate every single time.

You wouldn’t put a newborn in a car seat without strapping them in, would you? Baby safety trumps a great shot every time.

Prefer to read how camera straps help in newborn photography safety?

When you’re photographing newborns, having your camera strapped around your neck is paramount!

This is something that I want you to get in the habit of always doing. When we’re doing an aerial shot over top of baby, the camera can fall. This is also true when shooting an image with toddlers – you want to make sure that there’s no potential for that camera to fall on that baby.

Putting the camera strap around your neck should literally be as automatic an action as putting on your seatbelt. It is your safety measure when you have your camera to make sure that baby is safe.

I know when you’re doing an image with toddlers, just how quickly they can move. With those extra seconds it takes to put your camera strap around your neck, I know that you there is potential to miss the shot. I’ve missed the shot before because I’ve been busy putting my camera strap around my neck. And it’s okay – you’re may or may not get another chance for the shot but having the camera strapped safely around your neck is going to be serving you so well in the long run!

You want to make sure that those babies are always safe, and that an image is never more important than the child.

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