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How Canned Responses Can Shave Hours Off Admin Time

by Mel MacManiman THE PROBLEM How many hours each week do you spend writing and responding to emails? Are you typing out each individual message, or did you know there was an easier way? When I started booking clients regularly I realized that I was spending a substantial amount of time writing out the same […]

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Quotes for Newborns

60 Quotes for Newborn Photographers - The Milky Way

Hello lovely!​We’ve put together an inspiring list of over 60 quotes you can use when you post client sneak peeks on Facebook or in your blog posts or studio e-news.Be sure to Pin the image below for easy finding later!​Pregnancy and Birth​Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you […]

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Quotes for Family Sessions

Hello lovely!I don’t know about you, but I love to include sweet and inspiring quotes sometimes when I post a client sneak peek or when I’m writing a blog post (or putting tother my studio newsletter!)But sometimes, I just don’t have time to scroll through a bunch of ideas (because it’s so easy to get […]

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Milky Way TV #58: Interview with But Natural Photography

Today I get to dive in to the importance of personal work, how to avoid getting caught up with overcomplicating things and so much more with the lovely Sujata from But Natural Photography. (and one of our instructors for the {online} Family Retreat) Hope this inspires you to pick up your camera just for you! Love […]

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