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Facebook – the only thing for certain…is change!

If you haven’t already heard, Facebook has changed their rules regarding timeline photos (again!) This time – it’s good news for us business owners! According to the new rules (for now!), your timeline image can include… your studio website, phone number, address etc specific calls to action (ie: like us! Share with your friends, arrows […]

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You are NOT your business…{you are so much more}.

My dear…you are NOT your business. Ok…maybe part of you is. But not all of you. Here’s the thing.  I’m going to guess you are passionate about your business. And, that’s ok. In fact, that’s great! But, I’m also going to guess that some days, your feelings of self-worth are hinged DIRECTLY to your business […]

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Quick video how-to for free template

We had a few questions come in about how to use the freebie templates!  So, here’s a quick n’ dirty video to help you out! (you can also google ‘using layer masks’ and you are sure to find much more photoshop-saavy people to help you out!)

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Never work a day in your life?

Ok.  When you read this, what pops in your head? Are you thinking, “heck yes!  I totally agree” Or,”Who ever said that is nuts!” Or maybe you are somewhere in the middle? Now, I’m GUESSING what we are supposed to take away from this quote is that we are all supposed to pursue our passions […]

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The one word you MUST learn to say…

It’s hard to do. We get it. But the one word you MUST learn to say, is no. It is really important to be able to do. Why? You need to have time, space and energy for the things in life you REALLY want to do You need time to unwind You need time with […]

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