Milky Way TV #42: Newborn Posing on Beanbag

Milky Way TV #42: Baby in Hands Poses

In today’s episode, come along with me in studio where I’ll walk you through 3 simple poses that parents love.


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Maura Reply

When you do these shots are you popping the light, or leaving it steady the whole time?

Lisa Reply

These are strobes, so they flash.

Bridgine Reply

Hi when you are shooting the hands on baby what angle are you shooting from

Barbara Reply

Do you have to get on a ladder to take these shots? They are beautiful, btw and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks.

Deidre Reply

Oh mylanta! You are seriously not helping me really wanting to do newborns!! So ingenious Lisa!! You are brilliant!!

Janet Reply

Thank you! These are really helpful and I love the tips on how to help dad get in the best position

MaLisa Jessie Reply

Thank you for doing these! That was very helpful.

Jen Reply

My question as well, how are you getting above them for the angle safely?

Lisa Reply

Using a wider angle, I can just stand beside the beanbag and shoot from above (no need to get on any kind of step ladder or anything). Always be sure to have a neck strap on!

Lisa Reply

No ladder! I am using my 24-70 lens in this shot and shooting at a wider angle so I can just stand at the edge of the beanbag (with camera strap on!) If you want to get a slightly higher ‘angle’ you can also just lift the camera up and above (still with camera strap around your neck!)

hope that helps!

Lisa Reply

Glad you enjoyed it!

Lisa Reply

Thank-you! Happy you are finding it helpful!

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