Prop Posing: One Basket, Three Ways

When you need to shop for your prop posing supplies, it’s tempting to think you need to buy 10 different variations of each type of prop. After all, we all want to ensure variety in our work, right!

But yes … funds can be limited when you are just starting out in photography. And you certainly don’t want to break out the credit card before starting to earn consistently.

Add to that props are hard to store, and it becomes even clearer that it’s really important to choose props that are versatile.

Look for items that can be used for prop posing not only for newborns, but also for sitters and possibly even older children.

A great choice to start with in your studio is a good basket. When choosing a basket, keep safety in mind. I wrote about safety considerations when choosing props in this blog post.

First off, while you are not using it for prop posing, you can actually use it for its originally intended purpose … storage! It’s the perfect place to store some rolled up blankets and fabrics, or your collection of posing beans, or maybe some toy props that you use in sitter sessions.

Here are 3 ways I use a basket for prop posing to get different looks:

1. Switch between angles

A small change in shooting angle will highlight different parts of your basket. Look at the 2 images below – they each have their own character.

prop posing newborn in basket
baby posed in basket prop

2. Use different lighting

A simple change in backdrop, and thus in lighting used, can make your basket appear totally different. Here I used more dramatic feathered lighting, as I wanted less light on the dark backdrop. It changed the look of the basket to a yummy brown caramel colour!

prop posing newborn in basket with head on chin

3. Use for multiple ages

Most newborn props that are deep can easily accommodate older children as well. Note that because it is a tighter squeeze, you shouldn’t leave older kids in props for too long. And just like with newborns, safety is always your number one consideration, so have a spotter right there whenever you place a child in a basket.

If you want to come back to these ideas for different fresh looks when doing prop posing, pin this for later:

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