Newborn Posing with Moms

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Newborn posing with moms may seem like an impossible task! Moms are usually so hard on themselves, and very often are hesitant to be part of their baby’s newborn photos. However, I urge you to try everything you can to convince Mom to get in the frame. In the moment they may not be feeling it, but you can guarantee them that these images will be treasured by both the child and herself in years from now.

We asked some Milky Way students and some Newborn Retreat teachers to share their images of typical mom poses. Have you seen the amazing lineup of teachers we have for the Newborn Retreat?

In-studio Newborn Posing with Moms

The most popular pose for moms is the criss-cross arms pose – there is just something about it that looks classic, intimate, shows off the baby while still keeping it safe. But don’t be afraid to explore more poses – nose to nose, cheek to cheek, or gorgeously posed on the floor – they are all perfect to show off the purest of love between mom and baby.

newborn poses with moms

Left to right, top to bottom: Tulip Flare Photography, Glow Portraits, Eden Bao Photography, Il était une fois

Lifestyle Newborn Posing with Moms

As photographers we are used to posing our clients – new moms included. However, you need to say very little more than “Just look at and love on your baby” to witness a mother’s face transform into something almost ethereal. These gorgeously captured lifestyle images captures some of that raw emotion of motherhood.

lifestyle newborn poses with moms

Top row: Danielle Hobbs PhotographyBottom row: Kelly Goggin Photography, Kristen Cook – Photographer

If you’re ready for some more posing inspiration, then explore what the Newborn Retreat has to offer! So many teachers, all teaching on newborn and maternity topics that they are experts in, including posing, wrapping, editing, business, marketing, and so much more.

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