Parent Poses for Newborns

parent poses with newborns

Parent poses for newborns come in all shapes and forms. Parents are pictured cradling their babies in studio during posed newborn sessions, or staring in wonder at their little one’s features at an in-home lifestyle session. They may even be holding them close during outdoor sessions.

One thing doesn’t change, though … newborns love being in their parents’ arms! They feel safe, loved, snug, warm and content – all the elements that newborn photographers the world over know as the recipe for happy, sleepy babies!

Trust me, parents are your secret weapon for babies that struggle to settle down! That’s why we always ask at least one of our teachers in every Milky Way online newborn retreat to deal specifically with the topic of parent poses for newborns. Erin Hoskins from Erin Elizabeth Photography show us a workflow for family posing in the shortest possible time. Because let’s face it, toddlers are not the most cooperative people we know!

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Erin has created a workflow that is fast enough to keep the siblings happy and engaged, but still manages to capture the special bond that parents and siblings are nurturing with their new addition. Key is to get everyone (and keep everyone!) huddled in close, touching, and with their heads together. It just takes a few split second clicks to capture these timeless moments. And this approach works for both studio and outdoor shoots – just look at the results!

newborn with parents in studio and on beach

The parent pose that’s stood the test of time: Criss-Cross Arms

It really is the pose that gives us the best of both worlds. A way for baby to be safe and secure in a parent’s arms, while leaving enough of baby’s body open so we can marvel at their flexibility, the tiny hands and feet, and those delicious little rolls and folds. You totally have to use the photographer’s line of “This will feel weird, but look great!”. Once baby is posed with one parent, take those one-on-one shots first before first bringing in partners, and then siblings.

And feel free to move around and experiment with some angles too – you can get a whole different look by simply getting higher than the family and shooting down. One pose, many different looks!

posed newborn with parent portraitsLeft to right, top to bottom: Milk & Honey Photography, Marisa McDonald Photography, Pictonat Photography, Milk & Honey Photography

Parent Poses with Newborns – The Lifestyle Collection

We are SO excited to welcome Jessica of Jessica Nip Photography to our teacher lineup for the 2019 Newborn Retreat. She is teaching on lifestyle newborn flow, and the art she creates in her lifestyle newborn sessions is just breathtaking. Although these images are not the result of traditional poses, lifestyle photography still involves careful directing of your clients to make sure these natural interactions play out in good light with the best backdrop available.

lifestyle newborn poses with parents

Something different: Dream Lighting

Offering your clients some parent poses with dream lighting can really set you apart. You can achieve this look by placing your clients right in front of a large window, or your biggest modifier (softbox or umbrella). It creates a dreamy, ethereal look that places all the focus on the brand new threesome.

parents with newborn against white light

Left to right, top to bottom: Susie Rostad Photography, Jax Creations, Milk & Honey Photography

If you’re feeling inspired by these parent poses for newborns, be sure to join us for the Newborn Retreat. We will have teachers visit your living room for an online learning experience second to none. Posing, wrapping, workflow, editing, marketing, maternity and so much more – it is just like an in-person conference … without the travel!

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