Newborn Posing with Dads

newborn poasing with dads

Expanding your workflow to include newborn posing with dads is a great way to not only fill your gallery, but also to give dads a way to remember just how small that little baby once was.  Some Milky Way students, as well as some of our Newborn Retreat teachers have shown us some of their favourite dad poses for inspiration.

Posing is a big part of the retreat – click here to see the all the topics!

In-studio Newborn Posing with Dads

You can try many of the same poses you would do with moms, with dads as well. However, dads are generally less flexible in the arms and shoulders, so the traditional criss-cross arm pose may be too challenging for them. You can have them simply lift baby in the crook of one elbow and tilt their heads closer to baby while closing their eyes, to simulate this pose. Changing up the angle on this pose can result in beautiful, intimate images.

Another favourite pose for dads, and one that they all do quite naturally already, is the inside-out pose. Just ask Dad to turn baby facing out towards the camera, and then to look down at their newborn. They are sure to have a proud smile when they do this!

I also like poses that emphasize Dad’s strength and masculinity, and posing baby on his outstretched arm produces the cutest shots. Same thing when dad forms a shelf with his arms for baby to snuggle into.

But remember, producing a shot that will melt hearts does not need extensive posing. It can be as easy as asking dad to just hold and look at his newborn baby. Or snuggle skin to skin, drinking in this very, very special and fleeting time.

newborn posing with dads

Top row: Megan Macdonald PhotographyMiddle row: Milk & Honey PhotographyBottom row: Eden Bao Photography, Glow Portraits

Dramatic Black Backgrounds

There are few things as striking as the newborn portrait on a black background, especially when supported by a father’s strong hands. There are several ways to achieve this effect, but easiest is to use black fabric to drape over dad’s arms and body, which then creates the solid black background that you can refine in editing. I’ve made a video showing you exactly how I edit these shots – you can watch it here!  The other great thing about these images are that if dad is hesitant to be in pictures, this is a special way to still have him represented in the photo session.

newborn posing on black background

Left column: Milk & Honey Photography, Kylie McCormack PhotographyRight column: Megan Macdonald Photography

Want to up your posing game? Then explore what the Newborn Retreat has to offer! Many of our teachers will be touching on including not only dads, but also moms and siblings in both the newborn and maternity workflow. Don’t miss it!

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