Finding Your Voice with Caroline Jensen

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If you’re someone that feels like you can’t find your voice & gets a little lost on your artistic journey from time to time.. you are absolutely not alone.

In this episode, I chat with Caroline Jensen,  a Sony Artisan of Imagery, who is an award-winning photographic artist that lives on the wild prairie. 

Her passion for storytelling and creating art from her world around her has led her to photograph a wide range of subjects in her signature artistic style.  

In this episode, we unpack uncovering your authenticity & creating from your artist’s heart.  Looking for inspiration in unusual places,  the difference between your style & your voice, and ways to bust through resistance & fear.  

It’s an episode filled with loads of laughter and chock-full of great advice on growing yourself as an artist. 

Discover more about Caroline Jensen

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Caroline Jensen is a Sony Artisan of Imagery and an award-winning creative artist. While
she adores making all sorts of photographic art, her biggest passion is
guiding other people to success, whatever that may be. She loves nothing
more than watching creatives fearlessly express themselves through
photography and its many offshoots.
Her images always strive to take the viewer one step out of reality, be that
through digital painting, moving photos (cinemagraphs, time-lapse, or stop-
motion) or creative editing. She is always looking to expand her repertoire
of techniques. Photography can be therapeutic in many ways and making
the connection between this art form and stress relief is a huge part of her
work. She doesn’t only care about the work you create, but how you feel
making it.

Resources shared in this episode:

Understanding Exposure Brian Peterson

Jessica Drossin

Charlotte Mason 

The Social Dilemma

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  1. Myriam on November 2, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Lisa and Caroline,
    Thank you both so much for this podcast! This conversation really resonated with me and I am taking away so much from it! Caroline, I love how you clarify the difference between style and voice in a way that just makes so much sense. Still near the beginning of my journey into photography, I am in the process of soul searching to find both my style and voice. I am also an introvert and love creating art as my creative outlet and for the joy of it. Your work is truly unique and beautiful. Lisa, you are the first photographer who inspired me to learn photography! You and your work are beautiful and amazing!

    • Erin on November 3, 2020 at 7:14 am

      Thank you so much for these beautiful words Myriam! Sending you so much light and love on your journey with photography 🙂

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