Big girl panties and onion skin?

criticismI’m getting a bit personal today.  But, I know sharing this might also help you…so, I’m putting on my big girl panties, and diving in!  (more on big girl panties in a minute!)  Today, we’re talking about dealing with criticism, constructive feedback, or…well, just plain ol’ rejection!

As you know, we offer a money-back guarantee on all our classes.  The majority of our students enjoy the classes, learn lots and find them great value.

But…that’s not everyone.

You see, there are also students who:

  • didn’t feel the class matched what they were expecting
  • found they were too advanced and didn’t learn much (by the way, our classes are geared for beginners!)
  • did NOT like the class. Period.

 So, let’s talk about the progression that can happen when you receive some less-than-stellar feedback.  #1. You feel like you have been punched in the stomach#2. Then, you start to doubt your work#3. Then…you start to doubt your self-worth  WHAT??  That’s crazy!!  And yet…it can happen (trust me!)  Especially if you are sleep deprived!  (which, by the way, we apparently all ARE!  Those who responded to last week’s enews averaged ~5 hrs/night and said they likely needed 8!! eek!  sleep is SO important!)  Now, here are some HEALTHIER options to dealing with criticism.   #1. First, step back. Breathe. And take some time to process it.Don’t numb yourself from your feelings.  Allow yourself to feel.  But, then recognize those are your emotions.  And your ‘reaction’ to the criticism.  #2. Embrace it. (easier said than done…but oh-so-valuable!)More often than not, there are lessons to be learned, new perspectives to understand, and growth that will come from the criticism (put on your big girl panties!!!)  #3. Pay attention to the message, not necessarily the tone in the feedback. Sometimes criticism is provided in a rather …um…aggressive way.  Try to remove that layer from the underlying message (which can be really valuable, but lost if you fixate on the style of the message vs the actual message!)  #4. Use what resonates…leave the restOnce you’ve had a chance to fully embrace the feedback, it’s time to act on it and step up your game 🙂 All you can do is commit to being the best version of yourself.  And, as Maya Angelou says, “Do the best you can until you know better.  And when you know better, do better” So, tell me…do you have a tough time accepting feedback?  Have some tips you found that have helped?  Feel free to share in the comments below or email One more tip to keep in mind…don’t take yourself too seriously!!  don't take yourself too seriously! Note: Registration for our January classes is underway! Click here for class info! 

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