Sometimes the only thing you can do is…

So, yesterday Erin and I were attempting to have a meeting to discuss our summer filming schedule (some exciting new additions coming to our classes!!), along with working on changes for the brand new site (woohoo!) and discussing some book-keeping stuff (yeah…dry…but, it’s got to be done…so consider this a reminder to get up to date on your first quarter stuff!)

We had our kids with us.

We opted to go to a local indoor playzone.

While the kids headed off into the jungle gym, we pulled out our notebooks.

And two seconds later, our kids were back, needing juiceboxes.

And then, a pee break.

A then, a snack.

And then, they didn’t need anything at all…they just decided to hang off our legs, sit on our notebooks, and just make their presence known (ever have that happen??)

A few moments later, they were happily playing.

But then this really loud humming noise started.

Air conditioning unit?

As that hum grew louder, a few more families arrived.

And with them…’the screamers.’

We both were starting to get tense. And frustrated.

Luckily, at that moment we looked at each, realized we were taking ourselves WAY too seriously, and burst out laughing (like….tears running down your face kind of laughing).

It was a ridiculous situation. And truly, laughter was the best (and only!) option (and the best medicine!)

We both immediately felt better, decided that really, this wasn’t the time or place to meet, took the kids for a picnic, and immediately relaxed.

The world didn’t end. Our business didn’t crumple. And we STILL did end up accomplishing what we needed to (just later in the day).

So…why am I telling you this?

Because we ALL can take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong. Running a business is serious work.

But, when you are trying to quickly edit and upload a sneak peek while simultaneously cooking dinner and amusing the kids (who are NOT amused by your laptop being out), instead of letting yourself get frustrated, or feeling defeated, or putting WAAAAY too much importance on having that sneak peek being posted at 5:55PM vs 8:15PM once your kids are in bed…just laugh.

Laugh, laugh, laugh.


Our challenge for you this week is to think about some things that have been weighing you down, and really ask yourself, “Am I making this more important than it really is?”

Pay attention to the times you find yourself getting frustrated and see if, in fact, YOU should be laughing at yourself too 🙂

And if so…laugh!

Laughter is SOOO good for the soul!


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