Putting Down the Camera & Making a Pivot – How to Use Adaptability as a Super Power with Molly Keyser

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“Change is scary… but what is even scarier – regret”
– unknown

Molly Marie Keyser was the owner of Boudie Shorts, and walked away to start something brand new in the entrepreneurial space.

Molly grew a photo studio to multiple 6 figures and others were asking her how she did it. She turned her steps into a profitable online course, grew her online boudoir photography education company to two million per year, and was able to help thousands of photographers around the world in the process!

More recently Molly felt a pull to serve on a larger level and pivoted her business to now help service-based business owners add a profitable online course to their business.

I wanted to share Molly with you because I respect and admire that she not only a successful photography business but also a massive online boudoir education platform, and she made the brave decision to walk away, hang up her camera, close her studio and start something new.

I know personally, that fear can often get in the way of making changes “what will people think” and ignoring your inner feelings.

In today’s episode, we unpack so much goodness, on listening to your inner voice about when to pivot, and how you can make adaptability your superpower.

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Website: www.profitablecourses.com
Instagram: @mollymkeyser

Resources shared on this episode:

Free PDF on how to choose your course idea

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