Styling with Intention – with Kate Boggs

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Figuring out your own style can be a challenge on its own, but then figuring out how to communicate through wardrobe choices to your clients, can feel super overwhelming.

Kate Boggs shares with us her process of styling her clients, including some of her favorite places to shop.

She shares advice on creating your own client closet, tips for those that styling doesn’t come naturally to, and how proper styling can make or break an image.

If you have ever felt clueless or just struggle with what clothing to put your clients in, this episode is for you.

Discover more about Kate Boggs

Instagram: @kateboggsphotography
Facebook: @KateBoggsPhotography

Kate Boggs has been shooting since 2011 when she went from a “mom tog” into a full time photography career. Prior to that she was a teacher and transitioned once she had her first baby.  She now is the mother to three children and she shoots from her soul with a boho hippie style and a LOT of hair and dimples.   She shoots with canon and nikon and will talk to you all day about styling and her client closet.
She specializes in maternity and families and has been featured on Sew Trendy Accessories, Looks Like Film, and Unraveled Artist, as well as Emotional Storytelling.

Resources shared in this episode

Sew Trendy






Style and select 

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