The Art of Elegance: Elevating Your Photography Business Through Client-Centric Strategies with Kayleigh Ashworth

When it comes to business, we all find ourselves in sticky situations sometimes. It’s just a part of running such human-focused businesses. But what’s the best way to handle some of these tough client experiences?

Well, in today’s episode, Kayleigh Ashworth, renowned newborn and maternity photographer, shares some of her trickiest client situations and how she handled them with grace and flexibility, while not compromising her own business. She also lays out the way she thinks about pricing and profitability and why the customer experience is so important. 

Kayleigh’s also got some amazing business one-liners on who you should take business advice from, why it’s so important to have a niche, and more!

This episode is packed full of heartfelt advice you won’t want to miss, so get cozy, grab your notebooks, and tune in. 

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:59] Kayleigh’s journey into photography and how motherhood influenced the niche she eventually chose for herself
  • [09:23] What you need to consider before branching out and paying for a separate studio space 
  • [16:03] The pricing and profit structure Kayleigh uses to give her clients an amazing experience AND set aside for yourself too
  • [22:40] Why it’s so important to offer quality physical products and price them for profitability with confidence
  • [28:22] How to deal with difficulty in business and managing tough clients with grace (including when wives and husbands disagree)
  • [42:50] Why should only be discerning about the business advice your consume and who you take advice from

If you’re looking for some incredible advice on how to improve your client experience, this is one episode you can’t miss!

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Meet Kayleigh Ashworth 

Kayleigh, business owner and Photographer of Kayleigh Ashworth Photography, specializes in Maternity, Newborn and Baby Portrait Photography, located in Southern California, United States. Kayleigh predominately shoots from her boutique studio located in Downtown Murrieta, where she has been in the business of creating art from life’s best moments for over 8 years. Over the years Kayleigh has won awards and merits in numerous photo competitions.

Connect with Kayleigh

Visit Kayleigh’s website. 

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