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"Worth every penny"
Still my favorite retreats worth every penny year after year. I still learn and grow with every session

Sanj Photo

"Transformed my images"
In the last 2 years the newborn retreat has completely transformed my newborn images and I can’t wait to see what I learn in this retreat 😁

Gemini Imagery

"Love the little gems"
I have been photographing newborns for 8 years now & still feel I have so much to learn. Always love your retreats & the little gems I glean from them.


"Push me to the next level"
I've done retreats in the past and they always seem to push me to the next level. I cannot wait for this retreat,


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Jessica Guzman Barrios-min

Working with Monochromatic Themes


Guzman Barrios

One of Jessica's all-time favorite colors to work with is cream! Learn how she mixes textures and different creams to make beautiful set ups with variety.

Editing shown - yes

Ambreia Turner-min

Become a One Light Wonder: Maternity Portraits With One Light



If you've been intimidated by studio lighting, fear not! This introductory class will show you how to elevate your maternity portraits with just one light!

Editing shown - no

Zahara Mehta-min

Unique Table Poses


Zahara Mehta

Discover creative ways to incorporate parents’ hands and wraps to create unique poses in your sessions that parents love

Editing shown - yes

Lela Richardson-min

Vanity Fair Inspired Maternity Motherhood



Showcasing the elegance of motherhood, discover Lela's secrets in creating fine-art portraits

Editing shown - yes

Maxine mcLellan-min

Transitional Prop Posing


Maxine McLellan

Learn Maxine's techniques on how to pose a newborn baby in a bed prop, bucket prop & wrapped up in a basket.

Editing shown - yes

Nicole DeHoff-min

Studio & Outdoor Fine-Art Maternity


Watch Nicole style, light, pose, and edit a fine-art studio maternity session and navigate through an outdoor maternity session

Editing shown - yes

Shannon Mctighe-min

Family Maternity with Young Children


Learn Shannon's best tips for family maternity sessions, including going with the flow when little ones are not into it.

Editing shown - yes

Tiffany Crenshaw-min

Newborn Storytelling Sessions with Older Babies


Tiffany Crenshaw

Newborn photography can’t always take place in the first 7-10 days. Get a behind the scenes look at how to create a beautiful, emotive in-home session with babies at any stage.

Editing shown - yes

Tara Bergman-min

Studio Newborn Workflow


Go behind-the-scenese with Tara to discover her newborn workflow, incorporating wraps and props.

Editing shown -yes

Carlos & Cristina Meraz-min

Maximizing Family/Siblings Posing with Newborn

Carlos &

Learn how to maximize newborn posing with family and siblings, including discovering Carlos and Cristina's swaddling technique, simple and easy posing as well as lighting and editing.

Editing shown - yes

Amy Dangerfield-min

Getting Started with Documentary Newborn Photography


In this course, you will learn what documentary photography is and why it is important to tell real life stories about new parenthood. Amy will walk you through her workflow from gear choices all the way to culling and editing to curate a visual story.

Editing shown - yes

Cassandra Daly

Snuggly Siblings in Studio


Discover how to bring together siblings and photograph their bond in the best way possible. From wrapping through to editing, learn how Cassandra creates her signature sibling portraits that are a big seller. Gain the confidence to head into your next newborn/sibling shoot with the tools needed to create something magical.

Editing shown - yes

Kayleigh Ashworth-min

Working with an Older Newborn


Kayleigh Ashworth

Why limit yourself, and your potential clients, by photographing newborns only up to 14 days old? Break the mold by becoming more confident in working with older newborns! In this tutorial discover four setups with an adorable 7 1/2-week-old newborn... from wrapping, soothing, and even an edit.

Editing shown - yes

Maria Lindberg-min

Fine-Art Outdoor Maternity



Follow along on a fine art maternity session out in the woods and watch Maria do a fine-art edit on one of the photos from the session. Maria shares posing tips, how she works with natural light, background and framing.

Editing shown - yes

Melissa Arlena Jeffcoat-min

SEO for Newborn & Maternity Photographers

Melissa Arlena Jeffcoat

Melissa is going to teach you all about turning your website into a lead generating machine. We will cover how to get found on Google and the best ways to drive traffic from ideal clients ready to book!

Editing shown - n/a

Rivka Singer-min

Prop-Focused Newborn Sessions with Variety


Join Rivka to learn how to efficiently flow through a prop-focused newborn session, incorporating variety & natural elements. Newborn bed, bucket, bucket on a chair, heart,  bowl, and toe-peeking wrap, in under 3 hours.

Editing shown - no

Natasha Simpson-min

Working with Props & Colour


Natasha Simpson

Working with flow posing, learn how to incorporate a mixture of props and colours to achieve different setups in one.

Editing shown - yes

Dorte Kjaerulff-min

Newborn Keep-Sake Films

Dorte Kjaerulff

Discover how to quickly and easily add a little behind-the-scenes keep-sake film to your newborn session. This could be a great upsell, a delightful bonus surprise, excellent marketing content for your business, and of course perfect if you have your own baby too. Learn how to get going with the gear you already have, what footage to record, and things to consider when editing your film.
Video (and video editing) has a bit of a scary technical feel, but she's here to show you there is a super simple way.

Editing shown - yes

Annie Nelson-min

In-home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions


Come behind-the-scenes for an in-home newborn session followed by an editing video to see Annie's process.

Editing shown - yes


Elevating your Studio Sessions with Digital Backgrounds



Come behind-the-scenes to a studio session in which Olguta covers the important aspects of photographing with digital backgrounds in mind, as well as editing workflow (and tips +tricks!) for digital composites

Editing shown - yes

Josie Tan-min

Twin Posing Workflow



Joise will break down different poses perfect for twin sessions.

Editing shown - yes

Denise Jackson-min

Go with the Flow - Newborn Table Posing


Denise will show you how to achieve a beautiful gallery that the families adore without putting unrealistic expectations on the baby or yourself- this allows for a stress free "Go With The Flow" table posing flow!

Editing shown - yes

Karli Braaten-min

The 1-2-3 Method of Posing



Keep your posing fresh using the 1-2-3 method. Not only will it help you be effective and creative with your posing, but you'll create unique images each time. 

Editing shown - yes

Kellie Golden-min

Incorporating Family into your Maternity Sessions


Join me as I show you how to incorporate your client's partner and older siblings into their maternity sessions.

Editing shown - yes

Sherida Rae Taylor-min

Couples Maternity: Infusing Emotion & Connection


Sherida Rae Taylor

Join Sherida as she guides you through an emotive couples maternity session; followed by a solo maternity session and editing class.

Editing shown - yes

Linsley Schneider-min

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions with Young Siblings

Linsley Schneider

Discover Linsley's workflow for lifestyle newborn sessions for families with young siblings, beginning with how she prepares parents for their session all the way through to the delivery of their gallery. See the prep emails she uses, behind-the-scenes at an in-home lifestyle newborn session with young siblings, and how she edits, and delivers her galleries - including a consult with a family via Zoom.

Editing shown - yes

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2024 {online}

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2024 {online}

Newborn Retreat

Save $50!

$397 USD


26 Talented Instructors | Lifetime Access

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