Newborn Macro Images

newvorn macro images“Get close. Then get closer.”

This is a well known “rule” in the photography world. The newborn macro image is how this rule translates in the world of newborn photography.

After all, the whole reason why newborn photography is even a thing, is to capture those newborn features that fade as the days tick on. Our teachers from Milky Way’s 2019 Newborn Retreat know that so well, so we’ve rounded up some of their favourite newborn macro shots as inspiration.  Be sure to click over to the Retreat page to see all of the topics that will be covered.

So next time you have a newborn session, be sure to get in close, and record these precious memories for your clients.


newborn macro profile

Top: Ally + B Photography
Bottom: Little Lullaby Photography


newborn macro hair

Top: Erin Elizabeth Photography
Bottom left: Jessica Nip Photography
Bottom right: Tiffany Burke Photography


newborn macro lashes

Top left and bottom left: Erin Elizabeth Photography
Top right: Kristen Cook
Bottom right: Tori Stauffer Photography


newborn macro lips

Top left: Ally + B Photography
Top right and bottom left: Erin Elizabeth Photography
Bottom right: Kristen Cook


newborn macro hands

Top row: Ally + B Photography, Danielle Hobbs Photography
Middle row: Erin Elizabeth Photography, Kristen Cook
Bottom row: Mamique Photography, Tori Stauffer Photography


newborn macro feet

Row 1: Ally + B Photography, Danielle Hobbs Photography
Row 2: Erin Elizabeth Photography
Row 3: Jessica Nip Photography
Row 4: Kristen Cook
Row 5: Little Lullaby PhotographyTiffany Burke Photography


newborn macro body parts

Top row: Mamique Photography, Tori Stauffer Photography
Middle and bottom row: Kristen Cook

Feeling inspired by these gorgeous close-ups? Want to learn to create some of these for your own clients?

​In the 2019 Newborn Retreat, Kristen Cook will show you how she works with photographing beautiful details during a newborn session – both with a macro lens, and without! She will discuss the basics of light, placement and settings, and how to work with the personality of the subject to create delicious details that speak to your heart. 

Plus! 25 more teachers share their wisdom and experience on diverse topics in posing, wrapping, editing, marketing, maternity … and so much more! Sign up now!

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