Manifesting Magic: Cultivating a Heart-Led Business as a Photographer & a Creative with Mollie Sommer

Every single one of us has faced limiting beliefs at some point in our lives. We’ve let other people dictate our worth and our success and it’s not healthy or sustaining. Instead, we have to remember the value we bring to the table and manifest a belief in ourselves. 

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Mollie Sommer, a certified Core Energy Coach who teaches manifestation, empowerment, and self-love. Mollie shares how to live from the heart, manifest the life you want, and let go of limiting beliefs. 

I’ve worked with Mollie in the past and she helped me to shift my mindset and start believing in myself. Remember that the love and positivity you put out into the world is the same love and positivity you will get back. Those intentions will serve you well in life and in business.    

What’s in this episode:

  • [03:21] For anyone who is overworked and exhausted, Mollie gives her advice on how to move through it and value yourself
  • [08:41] How to live from your heart and not from your head
  • [12:49] Scarcity and abundance mindset and how that can show up in photographers’ lives, and how to manifest more of what you want in life
  • [21:29] Mollie explains what the Law of Being is, how it works, and why you should let go of limiting beliefs
  • [28:16] How to stop tying your self-worth to how much someone is willing to pay you
  • [33:51] What goddess baths are and why you need them in your life (Mollie created an awesome freebie for you on this!)
  • [39:25] Mollie’s advice for someone just starting out as an entrepreneur

Tune in to this episode if you want to manifest a heart-led business.

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Resources Mentioned

Goddess Bath PDF

Meet Mollie 

Mollie Sommer is a registered Core Energy Coach and ELI-MP. She’s the founder of the Higher Calling Millionaire, where she teaches manifestation, money mindset and business mastery. Mollie has been coaching for almost ten years and has taught self-love, relationships, quantum empowerment and manifestation. Today, she focuses her energy on partnering with soulful entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable businesses while achieving financial freedom and creating a positive impact in the world. 

Connect with Mollie

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