Creating Living Poetry Through Connection in Family Photos with Jodi Lynn Photography

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Mom Twirling girl to show Connection in Family Photos

Creating connection in family photos is Jodi Lynn’s superpower, and in today’s episode, she shares her thoughts and tips on capturing the emotions and stories of families in your sessions.

Introduction (3:00)

What does “creating living poetry through imagery” mean to you? (3:31)

It’s about creating real images and movements that showcase movement and showcase emotion. And eloquently telling captivating stories. Living poetry is the moments where we are most alive.

What are some key tips for infusing your sessions with connection? (4:50)

It starts with cultivating connection with people in your own life, then letting that set the stage for connecting with clients. Building in touch points throughout the process is vital and then ultimately creating a safe space where they feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to deal with uncooperative Dads (5:56)

Men are naturally more stoic, so small talk, asking questions, giving more direction, and making it fun will all help. Ultimately, also give them break and focus more on mom and the kids.

How to move from a posed photography style to creating art filled with connection in family photos (7:16)

  • Learn and use prompts to make people relax and enjoy the session
  • Constantly remind people to not look at you
  • Only share the type of work you want to book, so you attract the ideal client

What is your favourite prompt to use to encourage connection in family photos? (8:52)

Everybody get close and touching, closing eyes gently, and then envision yourself somewhere beautiful like a mountain range or on a beach. These elicit beautiful expressions.

How to capture motion in your family photos (10:08)

Make the motion! Give clients prompts to move, walk, hold hands, sway, etc.

What is your favourite lens (11:29)

The 50mm lens is crisp, has beautiful bokeh, and allows intimacy with your clients.

How do you scout for the best locations? (15:29)

Don’t hesitate to ask owners for permission to shoot on private property. But also always ask the client what they envision (coast, mountain range, field, season-specific location, etc.), and whether there is a place that is special and meaningful.

Do you use one location or multiple? (19:30)

Just one! I ensure the chosen location has at least 6 different types of settings.

What to do when kids are uncooperative? (26:36)

Let go of the control, step back and be an observer, and rather tune into getting great composition and angles. It also helps to do different pairings, like mom with one child.

How important is styling for you sessions? (32:34)

Styling makes mom feel relaxed, so I stay very closely involved, and we start with her wardrobe. I don’t have a client closet, but we are continually in touch about clothing choices. I also offer Style and Select.

Favourite clothing stores for women and kids (35:15)

Advice on finding your voice as an artist in posing, styling and editing (37:49)

Do model calls and shoots just for you. Try things out and see what moves you, and allows you you see yourself in your work.

What are you artistically curious about? (44:13)

Studio Lighting and Landscape Photography

Discover more about Jodi Lynn Buckles

Jodi Lynn Photography
 @jodilynnphotography Facebook:

Jodi Lynn is a Mother to four precious souls, Wife to a loving mountain man, Daughter, Teacher and Family + Motherhood Photographer who is captivated by dreamy light, emotive connection and landscapes that move her soul.

She is passionate about creating living poetry with her imagery and nothing fills her heart more than producing meaningful pieces of Art that share unique, tangible stories of connection, beauty and absolute truth.

Photography is how she shares and fosters her gifts with the world and her goal is to be genuine with her craft and make you feel something with the imagery she creates.

Jodi mentors and guides other Artists in finding their true voice, shooting with intent and honoring their unique Artistic journey. She has taught retreats nationally, travels to document beautiful families all around California and beyond, mentors Artists from around the world and has been named one of Looks Like Film’s Artists of the Year the last three years amongst other accolades.

Jodi is tremendously honored to be a part of the Art & Soul community and to beautifully intertwine Art and her love for making people feel seen + beautiful.

Resources shared in this episode:

Sun scout app.

The Power Of A Niche With Paulina Duczman

Where Jodi loves to shop

Style & Select
Free People – Spell and Gypsy Collective

Hazel and Folk

Bohemian Traders


Rylee and Cru

Finn and Vince


The Simple Folk


J Crew

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert book

Artists Way book

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