Staying Creative – Handling Slow Times in Business with Tamarind Spender

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Today, Tamarind shares some valuable advice on what to do with those slow times in business, especially during the lockdowns and restrictions we have to deal with these days.

Introduction (2:20)

What drew you to newborn photography? (4:00)

I’ve always enjoyed photography, but was envious when I saw other people starting businesses. I asked myself what I would want my daughter to do – take the risk or not? Obviously I made the right decision!

How long did it take for you to feel confident in your work (7:24)

4-5 years. I still identify new things to try, and will still feel unsure about those.

What tricks do you have to get toddlers to cooperate? (9:35)

I start with family shots, then encourage toddlers to leave. If toddler isn’t cooperative, I send them to the park with a parent and ask them to come back at the end to try again.

How to deal with dads that are not engaged? (13:27)

Take control of the situation, in a nice way. Talk a lot, and find something to connect on.

What’s your favourite newborn pose? (15:20)

It changes. I tend to obsess about one pose at a time, and then will work on it until I perfect it and move on to the next thing.

Tell us about your most memorable session (17:31)

I photographed a big baby who lost it after being wrapped. I only later figured out that he had a rash, and the sweat from being wrapped up made him itchy. It was challenging to think on the fly and come up with ways to work through the session.

Biggest posing mistake you see (20:21)

Posing in the wrong direction to the lighting. Also, non-intentional posing – where you just wrap loosely and lay baby down.

What business model do you follow (22:54)

I used to include both digital and prints so clients would have reference prints. Lately I switched back to all digital, with option to print.

Your worth shouldn’t be tied up in how you offer your products. You should do what works for your business.

What is your client onboarding process? (30:48)

Enquiries through my website goes straight into CRM (17hats). Upon enquiry, I sent them to a Pixieset gallery that has all pricing info so I can track when they’ve looked at it.

Do you have special touches to make your sessions unique? (32:20)

I dabble in composites with digitals for clients.

Advice on how to grow creatively while also growing your business (33:53)

Keep track of new ideas. When you have slow times in business, do model calls to try new things.

Which activities can you pursue during slow times in business? (36:04)

When we were shut down recently, I also shut down my business in my head. I took the time to do self portraits, and enjoyed figuring it out. It’s also a great time to try in-home lifestyle photography with your own kids.

What are you creatively curious about? (38:54)

Fine art portraits of children

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Tamarind is the owner and photographer behind Azure Photography.
She has had a camera in her hands since she was 17 years old and has been so excited to grow her amazing business since the summer of 2013.
She has a small home studio located in Guelph, ON. She loves being able to connect with her clients, and provide them with amazing images of their family and little ones!
Photography to her is capturing moments, from the beauty of her client’s pregnancy to the fun-loving connections within a family and everything in between. The details are what is important, the moments go so fast.

Resources shared in this episode:
17 hats

Brooke Shaden

Leanna Azzolini – link podcast


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