The Power of a Niche with Paulina Duczman

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“You gotta keep trying to find your niche and trying to fit into whatever slot that’s left for you or to make one of your own.” ~ Dolly Parton

“You gotta keep trying to find your niche and trying to fit into whatever slot that’s left for you or to make one of your own.” ~ Dolly Parton

Fine art children Portrait photographer Paulina Duczman has taken the world by storm, with her soulful images of children. She carved out a Niche with her stunning images, winning multiple awards and competitions.

She shares that narrowing her service to a niche she was able to create momentum around being an expert in an area, instead of a jack of all trades.

Paulina is the perfect example of the power of having a Niche market. Focusing on an area of doing what she loves, and creating her business around it.

Discover more about Paulina Duczman

Facebook: @paulinaduczmanphotography
Instagram: @paulinaduczman
Pinterest: paulina-duczman-photography

Bio: Paulina is a multi-award-winning portrait photographer and artist, who specializes in modern fine art portraits of children of all ages and families.
She creates captivating and pure, soul-searching photographic portraits for discerning private clients.  She serves them by creating stylish and modern fine art portraits that are simple yet elegant, and are meticulously composed and lit.  She loves to capture mood and emotion and her favorite thing in the world is to capture her client’s eyes which she believes is the way to touch and find their soul.
She has received praise and international acclaim for her work from SWPP, MPA, WPPI, Rangefinder as well as a significant online following.

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