Cultivating a Work Life Balance with Balance Coach & Photographer Jenna Henderson

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Today, Balance Coach Jenna touches on key elements in maintaining a work life balance as creatives, enabling us to truly show up as the best version of ourselves, both in business and our personal lives.

Intro (2:02)

Work life balance is especially hard for photographers who are also parents, as you are pulled in many directions.

The power of giving yourself permission for a work life balance (2:52)

Know that as a business owner, you have permission to do whatever you want, based on what you need and what you value.

Walk away from the fear around saying no. When we say no to something we don’t want, we are simply saying yes to what we do want and making space for it in our lives.

A mindshift for people-pleasers and mom-guilters (5:51)

People pleasing is often disguised as serving clients, but question who you are really serving. When you say yes to something you’re not good at, or not committed to, you certainly are not serving your clients, or yourself, well.

Does success have to be hard work? (8:23)

Just because there is hard work that goes into success, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun and enjoyable. As long as you center your work around your core values, you can maintain a healthy work life balance.

How do you define success for yourself? (10:44)

It starts with self-awareness: knowing what drives you, and what are your core values. Use this as a lens to question whether what you’re doing is in line with your values.

The struggle between being a business person and an artist (11:34)

Business IS personal. If we run business in ways that aligns ourselves with core values, there is no struggle.

What to do when you don’t have a work life balance and you’re tired (16:30)

Stop and rest! Figure out your own capacities, recognize what you need to reset and make it happen for yourself.

Does being busy define success? (19:38)

Many people create busy work to feel successful. Let go of the idea that worth is based on productivity.

How to overcome procrastination (21:24)

First examine, and question deeply why you are procrastinating. Your answers may show that you need to make a change.

When you are too scared to look at your profitability (27:40)

Clarity is empowering, because you can then take control and be proactive. You need to figure out where it felt good to spend, and where it felt good to earn.

The Top 3 time management tips (37:02)

1. Block off time
2. Create a dedicated workspace
3. Touch tasks only once

More info about the Bright Boss Academy (41:20)

The academy is a hybrid program with both one-on-one coaching and mastermind group work.

What are you artistically curious about? (43:42)

How other people live – their routines, finances, etc.

Discover more about Jenna Henderson

Clubhouse: @jennahenderson

Jenna Henderson is a balance coach and photographer, with more than 15 years of experience in the photography industry.   Her superpowers are giving creative women permission to feel empowered within their business journey and helping them create a life of balance and peace.

Jenna believes in validating creative careers and identities other than motherhood for women.  A Tennessee native, Jenna is a wife of 16 years and a mom to two young boys.

Resources shared in this episode:

Enneagram Personality Test

Bright Boss Academy

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