Artful Storytelling for the Wild Souls: Creating Heartfelt Photography with Sarah Havens

Having relaxed, comfortable clients is important for any photo session. It’s even more important when it comes to intimate connection photography. We want to alleviate any fears and stiffness our clients feel, and instead capture genuine emotion and love.

Talking to your clients beforehand and getting really clear on their boundaries can really help the session go smoothly for everyone. Don’t be afraid to have that conversation and get everyone on the same page because it will lead to truly beautiful, loving photos.

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Sarah Havens, an intimate connection photographer from southwest Germany. Sarah shares what it was like moving her business overseas, how to relax her clients before their intimate photo sessions, and why discussing boundaries beforehand is an absolute must. 

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:14] An introduction to Sarah, what she’s passionate about, and why she decided to pursue photography
  • [03:22] What it was like starting her photography in the States and then moving her business back home to Germany
  • [06:16] What Sarah thinks is the most important quality a photographer can bring to their work
  • [08:34] Why A.I. should be embraced as a tool in your photography and not as competition
  • [11:40] Sarah focuses on couples photography and gives her advice on how to relax her subjects so they don’t appear rigid
  • [18:11] How Sarah approaches photographing older couples
  • [19:46] Why it’s important to encourage your clients to discuss beforehand how intimate they want their photos to be
  • [23:51] Sarah shares her favorite prompts to use during photo sessions
  • [25:15] How Sarah handles uncooperative children during a session

Tune in to this episode for how to convey emotion and intimacy in your next photo session.

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And if you want to hear more from Sarah and how she’s highlighting the intimate connections in her photography sessions, she’ll be teaching at our online 2023 Family Retreat! (Grab your spot now!)

Meet Sarah 

Sarah Havens is a photographer, daydreamer, and she specializes in capturing what makes your heart skip a beat. Those fleeting moments, as well as those big emotions and genuine connection and affection, is what she’s after and specializes in intimate storytelling. She is a photography mentor and two time instructor for the Milky Way, and she is based in southwest Germany.

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