Show The Love: Capturing Connection in Intimate Couples Sessions with Ang McCabe

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Ang from Myrtle & Moss reveals her top tips for capturing connection in couples authentically, and how she creates the intimate space for her clients to reveal their love for one another.

Introduction (2:12)

Where does the name Myrtle & Moss come from? (4:16)

Myrtle represents love between two people, and Moss represents maternal love – capturing connection between couples and families are what I love capturing.

How do you ensure clients don’t appear stiff during poses? (5:59)

I know what I want to achieve, so I direct my couples accordingly. I also play music during the session to relax everyone. In addition, showing the client the shots you’re getting will shift up their confidence level.

What do you do when guys are not into the session? (6:30)

I involve them in planning process, and make sure the session is true to them. They have to be comfortable with the vibe and the clothing. Use Facetime if possible to make a connection ahead of the session.

Tell me about your fav session and why. (11:00)

I had a couple who chose an intimate elopement, and I was there for their beautiful vows. I have been photographing them through all their life milestones. I feel like we have mutual love and respect, and I’ve grown with them.

Do you ever feel awkward capturing connection during intimate moments with clients? (13:38)

You carry the vibe of the session, so be confident, and know what you want. Show the couple examples of poses so they know what to expect, and leave the most intimate poses to the end of the session.

How do you do location scouting? (16:05)

Lighting is most important factor, so know where the sun will be at different times of day and year. Do scouting at the same time you will be shooting. Change locations often to keep things fresh.

Do you have a client closet? (18:42)

My client wardrobe is massive. We now actually sell our own dresses. Especially for pregnant moms, it’s good to have a selection of outfits that fit them, are flattering and that they feel comfortable in.

(PSSTT! I reference my podcast with Style and Select here – be sure to check it out!)

What is your go-to prompt that encourages emotional connection? (22:13)

I tell them to hug the crap out of each other. Even if the shot is imperfect, it will be so easy capturing connection because both you and the client will know the moment was totally natural.

Where do you draw inspiration from? (25:42)

My clients – they are all different, and I vibe off my clients, and the connection with them.

Advice to find your voice as an artist? (26:42)

Shoot what you love. The emotion will come through, you’ll then show more of that work, clients will see it and you’ll get more of those clients. Also take time to find out which presets will work for you and your locations, then stick to it to ensure a cohesive look.

What’s next for your business? (31:10)

I am creatively challenged doing film stories. Videos move people in a beautiful way (and it’s great for Instagram too!)

What do you wish you knew starting out? (34:41)

Learning more about business. If you don’t know how to do business, you will burn out and resent your business. Also, don’t compare yourself to others – not their prices or their business models. Everyone’s situations are different. You don’t know their story.

What is your secret ingredient to loosen up and enjoy the creative process? (40:40)

Don’t’ be nervous and prep yourself. Keep some inspiration photos on your camera so you can just quickly refer to it. Feel free to take a break and recompose yourself.

Do you edit to music? (44:38)

My mind goes crazy when editing, so I actually edit in complete silence.

How often are you shooting? (48:16)

I’m very busy with the education part of my business, so I’ve priced myself to shoot less.

What are you artistically curious about? (49:32)

Breaking rules and being less perfect.

Discover more about Ang McCabe


Ang McCabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography is a Vancouver Island-based wedding and intimate couple photographer who focuses on storytelling and emotive imagery. Creating a safe and comfortable space to foster authentic moments, she uses her surroundings to further enhance the mood felt in her images.

The past few years she has dedicated much of her passion into the educational side of the industry, inspiring other artists to build their careers with purpose and create their art with passion.

Resources shared in this episode:

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Style and Select –

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Business Course –

Posing + Connection Course

Teri Hoffard Cards –

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