Unlocking The Power Of A Creative Community That Benefits Everyone

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Unlocking The Power Of A Creative Community That Benefits Everyone with Malia Battilana

You may have heard the saying ‘collaboration over competition’ – but what does that actually mean?  And how do you even connect with other photographers in your local community? (And is there actually a benefit?)

Today’s guest, Malia Battilana shares her experience in how building local community was instrumental in her own creative growth and confidence.
Being able to see how everyone was all taking pictures of the same thing but looked completely different at the end of the day, just proved how unique we all are and how we all have something to give.

Her advice – don’t overthink it.  Create an opportunity, invite the community and think of it all as a joyful experiment.

Malia Battilana

Website: www.maliabphotography.com
Instagram: @maliabphoto
Bio: Malia is a dreamer and doer creative that helps other photographers who crave to add meaning into their business and life make a greater impact. She shows them how to 
have a greater impact through mindset practices and community involvement. Malia lives in sunny Peoria, Arizona she’s a seasoned mom of three (14, 17 & 21) a wife and that friend you’d call in the middle of the night with no questions asked. Her guilty pleasures are huckleberry ice cream, any new crystal from the crystal shop, and pulling small but funny pranks on her kids. She has run a full-time baby photography studio that doubles as a creative coworking space for the past 3yrs. She’s mentored privately and in group workshops in the United States as well as Japan and several popular online creative communities for the past 6yrs. Her creative coworking studio has been featured in her local town paper along with award recognition for her maternity and baby photography in Shoot & Share contest and featured articles in Lemonade & Lenses and The Photographers Element.

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