Flipping The Script On Using Email Marketing – It’s About Serving, Not Selling

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Flipping The Script On Using Email Marketing - It's About Serving, Not Selling - with Nate Grahek

Is email dead? Or can it actually help you build relationships and book more clients?

Yes!  But we’re not talking about impersonal random sales messages littering up your subscribers’ inboxes.
Nate Grahek of Sticky Marketing joins me on the show today to help flip the script on email marketing (and marketing in general).
It’s not about you – it’s about your clients – and when you truly can embody and live that, your clients are going to feel seen, understood and cared for.

Nate Grahek

Website: stickymarketingtools.com
Instagram: @stickyalbums
Bio: Nate Grahek Founded Sticky Albums in 2012; he is a former portrait photographer and corporate trainer; loves anything radio-controlled. 

Show Notes

Building A Story Brand book

Simon Sinek – Start With Why video

Watch Brené Brown: The Call to Courage only on Netflix:

Send Nate an email at nate@stickyemail.com telling him what was the best take away from this podcast, and he will respond back with his best training and best offers.

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