How You Can Confidently Sell Your Work (and Not Your Soul)

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Want to sell more to your clients without feeling uncomfortable?

 Today’s guest, Chris Scott of the Printmaker System by Swift Galleries is passionate about helping other photographers realize our role as photographers is so much more than ‘taking the shot.’ 

When you can truly shift your mindset away from selling and into serving your client, magic can happen.

 Discover how increasing your confidence will result in better service for your clients – and better results for your bottom line).

Chris Scott

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Bio: Chris is the CEO and the primary teacher at The Printmaker System by Swift Galleries. He and his wife Adrienne were full-time, internationally published wedding and portrait photographers before founding Preveal and, later, Swift Galleries and The Printmaker System. He’s into skiing, music and hanging out with his smokin’ hot wife, Adrienne, and their two kids in and around their home in Colorado Springs, CO.

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