Creativity, Consistency, and Kids: Cultivating a Successful Photography Business and Life with Nicole Ashley

Many of us as creative entrepreneurs struggle with managing the push and pull of parenthood and creativity. On one hand, we tend to throw ourselves into our creative work because we love it so much, but on the other, we don’t want to miss out on the fleeting moments with our littles.

Today’s guest Nicole Ashley shares how she manages the tension between parenthood and creativity and how the pandemic gave her time to reflect on how she balances the two. She explains why she thinks being a mother has made her a better artist and how her own experience with parenthood has let her connect deeper with her clients throughout the major milestones in their life.

She also shares how she is intentional about fostering her creativity through varied types of work and personal projects, breaking out of creative ruts, and why taking time for herself and her family helps fill up her cup and keeps her going. If you’re a parent with a creative career, this episode is for you!

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:42] Nicole’s passion for making people feel good on the other side of the camera
  • [04:30] How the pandemic helped her reevaluate her priorities, and why parenthood changes your perspective on how you spend your time
  • [09:14] How getting feedback from other artists can help you recognize and refine your personal style
  • [14:06] How Nicole got into shooting book covers, and why she gets so much joy from making people feel good during their sessions
  • [21:43] How Nicole uses personal projects to keep things feeling fresh and inspired
  • [30:09] Why being a mom has made her a better photographer and why, when you’re stuck in a creative rut, you just need to start shooting

If you’re trying to find a balance between parenthood and creativity, don’t miss this episode with Nicole!

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Meet Nicole

Nicole is an international portrait and wedding photographer based out of Alberta, Canada. Her influence has branched out far beyond the boundaries of her city, bringing her throughout much of Canada, and on to international destinations such as Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, and Australia.

Nicole has built an impressive resume, photographing magazine features, best-selling novel covers, internationally acclaimed musicians, music festivals, and fashion shows. With innate creativity, unparalleled work ethic, and a passion for the entire craft, Nicole Ashley is not only a photographer but an artist. Her main areas of focus are now intimate weddings and couples portraiture. Not only an artist but as an educator in her craft, she will be hosting and speaking at several awards winning photo conferences throughout the world.

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