Balancing Motherhood and Your Photography Business with Ashley Freehan

You don’t have to choose between being a good mother or a good business owner. Ashley shares strategies on balancing motherhood while still running a profitable and sustainable photography business.

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Introduction (2:15)

What is the key to avoiding burnout? (2:56)

Self-care. Everyone needs some blank space, time for just you. It has to be something you intentionally seek, it won’t happen automatically.

Advice on handling distractions (7:37)

Give your kids the 4 things they need ahead of time, and they will give you the time you need.

  1. A present and hands-on mom
  2. Positive attention
  3. Positive control
  4. Boundaries and routines

How do you handle mom-guilt when balancing motherhood and your business? (13:18)

First acknowledge the guilt. Then identify the priority in that moment. Then check the guilt (and whether it is true) against the priority. Lastly, replace the guilt with thankfulness. Give yourself the same advice you would give to a friend.

How do you embrace the season you’re in and stay in your lane? (18:13)

“If you’re not content where you are right now, you’re not going to be content where you’re going.” Also, instead of being jealous of where someone else is in their journey, use it as inspiration and fuel to energize yourself.

How do you get your work done while having kids home for extended times? (23:06)

Having systems and routines will not stifle your creativity – it will create the space and time for you to be more creative. Balancing motherhood and business means that I have to do time blocking for work, family and personal.

What do wish you knew starting out? (26:52)

You have to love business more than photography. You have to invest in yourself before you believe in yourself.

Speed Round! (28:57)

What are you currently artistically curious about? (30:33)

Adding video to sessions.

Discover more about Ashley Freehan
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Ashley Freehan is a multi-passionate mompreneur. She is a business and motherhood coach, brand photographer, podcaster, wife and homeschooling mama saved by grace.
She is passionate about helping mom photographers take their business from a side hustle to a profitable and sustainable business, BUT without sacrificing their sanity or their family in the process.

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