Macro Newborn Photography: Feet and Toes

Macro newborn photography, when mastered, adds so much more variety and dimension to the gallery that you present to your clients.

And these images are bound to be some of your most popular images – after all, capturing these features that are only present for a short while is one of the main reasons why we love newborn photography.

We are super proud to show off the work of some of our Newborn Retreat students in this inspiration series for macro newborn photography.

First up, those teeny tiny toes. Who can resist!?

Wrapped up

One of the most popular shots by far in macro newborn photography is the one of newborn feet wrapped up in a blanket or wrap. It’s a great way to isolate the feet so that all the focus is on those little piggies.

macro newborn photography of feet
Subtle by Monika Photography
wrapped up newborn feet
Truly Scrumptious Photography

Peeking from wrap

Similar to the wrapped up feet pose, having the baby completely wrapped with just the toes peeking out is another way to focus on those cute feet.

newborn feet wrapped in blanket
Nicole Foote Photography
macro newborn photography of feet
Amanda Leatherberry Photography
newborn toes peeking from wrap
Andrea Mae Photography
tiny newborn feet
Amanda Leatherberry Photography

Hands for scale

Putting an adult hand next to newborn feet immediately adds scale to the image, allowing us to marvel at just how small that little foot is.

hand holding tiny newborn foot
Jennifer McDaniel Photography
small newborn foot held against adult hand
Shoots ‘n Smiles by Annelies

Lifestyle-type images

When you just let baby kick loose without any posing, it results in macro newborn images that looks authentic and organic.

newborn legs and feet
Chantelle White Photography
macro photograph of a newborn foot
Meredith Breda Photography
macro newborn photograph of feet
Kate Schaper Photography
newborn feet photo
Brooke Allbright Photography

Tiny details

Be sure to capture the fleeting details like flaky skin – it disappears so quickly so it’s amazing to capture it for eternity.

newborn feet with skin peeling
Yany Photography

Be creative

Adding little props to your macro newborn photographs gives these type of shots a whole new dimension. Be creative and play a little!

newborn feet wrapped around felted heart
Doodlebug Captures

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