In the Wild: Adventure Family Photography with Rebecca Lueck

Adventure and family photography is a wild mix of amazing light, beautiful landscapes, lovely clients… and occasionally unpredictable weather and toddlers. When it comes to managing all of these elements and still getting the perfect shot, Rebecca Lueck is the expert, and she’s here today to share her wisdom with us.

In today’s episode, Rebecca Lueck explains her definition for adventure photography, why communication is critical for this style of photography, and how she maintains creative control of her sessions while still making each experience laidback and enjoyable for her families. 

She also explains why she loves her client closet and where she gets the very best clothes to fill it, her best all-round business advice for photographers, and shares a little sneak peak of her 2023 Online Newborn Retreat session!

Becca’s passion for adventure photography is absolutely contagious, and this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:31] Rebecca explains what adventure photography is and how she explains it to her clients
  • [05:09] Why communication and flexibility is crucial when managing an adventure photography business
  • [08:19] How to develop a photography and editing style when you’re just starting out
  • [12:36] Why maintaining a client closet allows you more creative control over your photography sessions and where she finds the best clothes for her client closet
  • [19:13] How Rebecca crafts an unforgettable experience for every client and how she manages expectations as she and her clients wait for the perfect light to shoot in
  • [24:14] How to get unique and memorable photos everytime by giving your families instruction and then letting them do what feels natural as they get comfortable
  • [26:39] Rebecca’s lightning round where she quickly shares her best business advice, why she loves photography so much, and what lights up her soul
  • [30:45] A quick overview of Rebecca’s 2023 Online Newborn Retreat session (it’s going to be so good!!)

Tune in to this episode with Rebecca Lueck to learn more about running an adventure family photography business!

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Resources Mentioned

Stores that Becca Recommended: Free People, Daughters of India, Baltic Born, Reclamation, ZebuBeYou, Zara, Kate Quinn, Joyfolie, Rylee + Cru, Jamie Kay

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Episode with Nate from Sticky Albums and Story Brand expert

Meet Rebecca

Becca is an adventure family and couples photographer in the Portland Oregon area. She brings the fun during her sessions and loves to showcase the beautiful landscapes of the PNW. She mentors other photographers and has a huge blog full of useful articles. She is an Unraveled Expert Artist and a community leader for Elena S Blair. 

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[00:00:00] Rebecca Lueck Be confident in what you know. So I just feel like when I first started out, I just wasn’t confident. And your clients can feel that and then your sessions don’t go as well. So if you know, like if the light doesn’t look good here, it’s okay to just be like, you know what, this isn’t working. Let’s I feel like it’d be really a lot better if we went to this other spot over here and just don’t be afraid to speak up, I guess. 

[00:00:29] Lisa DiGeso Welcome to the Art and Soul Show, where we dive into heart opening chats on photography, business, life and that messy in between. I’m your host, Lisa DiGeso a mom, a photographer and entrepreneur. And I’ll be sharing honest conversations and advice for photographers with insight on mindset, entrepreneurship and creativity. The goal of this podcast is for you to be able to gain insights and strategies that will get you real results. Because, let’s face it, having a photography business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. This is the place you can go when you need a boost of encouragement, a kick in the pants and inspiration to pick up your camera. This is the Art and Soul Show. 

[00:01:13] Hello, my beautiful friends. Welcome back to the show today. I’m super excited to dove into today’s conversation with Becca Lueck. Becca is an adventure family and couples photographer in Portland, Oregon, area. She brings the fun during her sessions and loves to showcase the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. She mentors other photographers and has a huge blog full of useful articles on her website. I first stumbled on her study work when a team member of our said she had fallen in love with her work and her style. And after that, I checked her out and I knew she had to come on this show. So, without further ado, here is Becca. Welcome. 

[00:01:51] Rebecca Lueck Hi. 

[00:01:52] Lisa DiGeso So tell us who you are and what you’re passionate about. 

[00:01:56] Rebecca Lueck I mean, you kind of already explained most of the technical stuff, but I am like a huge goofball. I’m always joking around and my family is super silly. My kids are always doing pranks on each other and on us. And so because I’m so goofy and silly, that’s like where my strong point is in my photo session. So I just try to bring out the fun and the joy and the people that I photograph. And I do enjoy the calm stuff too, but I’m the best at the silly stuff. 

[00:02:25] Lisa DiGeso I love that. Well, you know, it’s funny now that you mention that and that that is definitely your personality, you can really see that in your work, like the joy that your clients are having and and the fun that you’re actually having at your sessions. So you’ve described your work as adventure photography. So can you tell me a little bit what you would describe this is and how you market this for your clients as an experience and not just photos? 

[00:02:49] Rebecca Lueck So a big part about getting people to realize that adventure photography is what I do is all the images that I show. So on my website I try and showcase a lot of the landscape, so people kind of get the idea of that. And then when they inquire with me, I’m also kind of explaining that a little bit to them. So they get the point and I’m always posting on Instagram like different reels and things like that, and I try and take behind the scenes of me at my session, so then I can show that. And then people are seeing like, Oh, look at all this landscape. I try and like pan the area so they can see it and just talk about it. 

[00:03:30] Lisa DiGeso And I love that so much. Well, Pacific Northwest, it’s it is lovely. Like I’m just north of Vancouver in British Columbia and that area down there, I know you guys get a significant amount of rainfall. So I just wanted to ask, how does that affect your sessions? Do you cancel them? Do you reschedule or do you just kind of work around it? 

[00:03:49] Rebecca Lueck I actually try not to overbook myself because I know, especially in the Rainier months, that I’m going to have to do a lot of rescheduling. So I just let my clients know ahead of time like, Hey, you’re booking your session at a time when there’s probably going to be a lot of rainy days. So just be aware that we might have to move your session to another day because I’m not going to try and make people go out important. Right now, it’s a little bit of rain. It’s not too bad like some sprinkles. But other than that, no, but they’re they’re usually very cool about it as long as I just let them know ahead of time. 

[00:04:23] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I love that. That’s, that’s funny. I went, I remember I did one session in a rainstorm one time and thinking, oh, it’s going to be fine. Not really. Like this is like my very first year and not realizing that, oh my gosh, it freezes motion or shutter speed approaches the motion. When you have that at that high shutter speed and the droplets on my client’s clothes, oh, my gosh. I spent 4 hours editing one image. I was like, This will never happen again. 

[00:04:54] Rebecca Lueck Oh, yeah, that’s happened to me, actually. I mean, sometimes it looks cool cause it ends up just looking like some sprinkles, so. Yeah, it’s fun, but not for the supposed images where you’re trying to get that perfect shot for them. Yeah, not the best. 

[00:05:09] Lisa DiGeso Not the best. Yeah. It’s funny, I also like I’ve run into the situation where my clients are often booking hair and makeup stylists, and when we can’t control things like weather, you definitely sometimes get a little pushback like, I have to cancel their makeup and hair and they made a deposit. You’re just like, no, but like if you’re able to communicate all these things that could happen and these potential things. You alleviate that pain of having those conversations leader down the road when you somehow are blamed for the weather. 

[00:05:39] Rebecca Lueck Yes. Yeah. Actually, when, when my clients are trying to book for hair makeup, if they’re planning on doing that, I always tell them to talk to their hair and makeup artist ahead of time and just let them know that, you know, we might have to move the session. Is that going to be a problem? 

[00:05:56] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I love that. I think I think the communication that’s one thing. It’s funny, when we first get started as photographers, they don’t really think like we we learn all these things from experience because we run into them. And we’re like. Wow. I really don’t want that to happen again. 

[00:06:12] Rebecca Lueck No, That’s how you continue to adjust and change the things that you do based off of all the bad things that happened. 

[00:06:21] Lisa DiGeso Right. they’re just lessons. 

[00:06:24] Rebecca Lueck Yep 

[00:06:25] Lisa DiGeso So tell us a little bit about your photography journey and how you actually discovered your passion for photography? 

[00:06:31] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, it actually started out in high school. My little sister and I would go to this abandoned house down the road and we’d take like her friends and stuff and we’d do all these fun photoshoots, and that’s really how it started. But then I went to college actually for for graphic design, but also photography, and I was doing studio photography, which is not what I do at all.

[00:06:56] Rebecca Lueck Then I had kids and I really started being interested in family photography and it just kind of evolved from there. But my first session was actually a wedding. 

[00:07:06] Lisa DiGeso Really. 

[00:07:08] Rebecca Lueck I had a friend who asked me to photograph her wedding and I was like, Are you sure? I don’t know what I’m doing. 

[00:07:15] Lisa DiGeso And it’s so funny because weddings are such a different beast. 

[00:07:17] Rebecca Lueck Like, Oh, yeah, oh. 

[00:07:19] Lisa DiGeso Like I photographed too. And both her destination weddings. And I tried to stand on a folding chair and the folding chair collapsed in the middle of the ceremony. And thank God it was my best friend getting married and everyone laughed because it like that’s classic Lisa, but I have never and I will never shoot another wedding again. I don’t want the attention. Don’t give me a look at me.

[00:07:42] Rebecca Lueck It’s a lot of pressure.  

[00:07:43] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, it really, really is. 

[00:07:45] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, yeah. It’s not really not not my thing.

[00:07:49] Lisa DiGeso So. So many photographers struggle to find a style that really feels like them. Can you share how you discovered your own style and how you help your students uncover theirs? 

[00:07:59] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, so I think that just trying everything is a really good idea. Like if you’re just starting out and you’re not really sure what you want to do, try photographing a couple. Try photographing families. Kids by themselves. Newborn lifestyle. Don’t try and do newborn pose when you don’t know what you’re doing. 

[00:08:19] Rebecca Lueck Just try out a bunch of different things and see what you’re really into. But as far as like the editing style that when I mean it’s kind of interesting because there’s so many different styles and you could go so many different ways. And I mean, I know personally I’m drawn to a lot of different things. I love a lot of different things, but what do I want for my own work? So if you try out like, say you like the look of light and airy and dark and moody and whatever, you want to try it out. But maybe the way that you shoot doesn’t necessarily work for those editing styles, so you just have to figure out what looks good on your work. So just trying out different things and seeing what you like. But I will say that your style is just going to evolve over time and there’s nothing that you can do to figure it out any quicker, I guess then just trying different things, but just try not to get caught up in what’s popular at the time because those things go away. And is your stuff going to be that timeless look or are you going to have to keep switching your style based on what everybody else is doing? You don’t have to do that. 

[00:09:26] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, that’s a good answer. Great answer. So so many photographers struggle with clients that show up very stiff and very posed. So how do you encourage your clients to make their sessions more about play versus smile and say cheese? 

[00:09:42] Rebecca Lueck So I tell them a lot of times, like, we go over this so many times in different ways. So when when they’re first finding out about me, they’re seeing my website, my Instagram, and I talk about that kind of stuff in those places. And then when they inquire, they’re going to get like, I send an email to them and it’s going to explain all of that. So I want to make sure that people are choosing the right photographer for them. So I don’t just reply with like, Oh, hey, let’s, let’s get this scheduled. I’m going to go over every little thing in that email. So there’s a section about how the session is going to go that’s going to talk about that stuff, where you are really playing and having fun and exploring with your family and not just standing there stuff and. And I do tell them I’m only going to take probably one or two photos of you all looking at the camera. And other than that, you guys are just going to be focusing on each other. And I also send other emails. So after they do book, they’re going to get a link to a blog post that talks all about that. And I tell them, please share this with any adults who are going to be at the session. So it’s really important that everybody understands this concept and mean they have a I think I said about ten days before their session, a prep email. And that also just tells them again quickly like, hey, don’t forget, this is how you connect during the session. And then also the reminder email. I mentioned it again. And then at the session I try and remember to go over it again just briefly with the parents. So they’re remembering it fresh in their minds. So just tell them a million times. Yeah, it just sounds like it’s repetitive, but I’ve tried it only mentioning it once or twice and like half the time they don’t do it. 

[00:11:31] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I love that. I think that get so true because it’s the key. The key really is communication. And how do you get kids, right? 

[00:11:38] Rebecca Lueck twleve and fourteen

[00:11:40] Lisa DiGeso I have a 13 year old. And you know how many times you have to repeat yourself with your children? Yeah, it’s like that. 

[00:11:49] Lisa DiGeso They don’t listen. They don’t. 

[00:11:52] Rebecca Lueck Or they possibly are not reading anything that I said. 

[00:11:55] Lisa DiGeso No, no. 

[00:11:58] Rebecca Lueck But that’s also why I try to remember to remind them at the session. 

[00:12:03] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, exactly. I love it. So tell me a little bit about your client closet. How important is styling to your work? And do you have any favorite vendors that you might want to share with us? 

[00:12:13] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, I think styling is really important for just the look of the finished photos. So if somebody is going to show up to a session with me wearing like everybody’s wearing different shades of blue, I’m probably going to freak out. Yeah, just with my editing, it doesn’t look right to me, and I’m sure it’s fine, but just. I know what I mean. 

[00:12:35] Lisa DiGeso Yeah. 

[00:12:36] Rebecca Lueck So I want them to wear, like a mix of different types of colors and I want some warm colors mixed in there. And then also I would love it if mom wears a dress she doesn’t like… She’s not always going to wear a dress, but I think it’s so much more fun. Gives them something to do and it just makes the photos look more romantic. But of course it’s it’s their photos so they can wear what they want. But I just give suggestions and I have the client closet because I think once I started doing that, I had a lot more people wearing what I actually wanted them to wear because they had that to use if they needed it. You also asked about like, what are the kind of vendors that I like to use? I’m going to start off by saying I like to use dresses that are going to fit a lot of different sizes. So you don’t want to be stuck in like, Oh, this is only going to fit so small unless it’s just super amazing and you just have to get it. But for the most part, you want to fit a lot of sizes. So if you have to spend more money to get a dress that is going to fit more people, it’s totally worth it. If you’re going to spend $60 on a dress that fits one size or $200 on a dress that fits like five sizes, it makes way more sense to get the more expensive dress. I like to use dresses from Free People, daughters of India, baltic Born. And then there’s some Etsy shops that I like which are Reclamation, Zebu Be You and Earthurnware. So those are some like for moms and then for kids I like Joyfully, Zara, Katie Quinn, Riling Crew, Jamie K, things like that. 

[00:14:14] Lisa DiGeso I love them. I know I have a client closet and I love to go shop for myself in my client closet. 

[00:14:23] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, I have a girls night tomorrow. I wonder what I’ll wear. 

[00:14:27] Lisa DiGeso I know. Right? Like I can write off this new dress. This is awesome. 

[00:14:31] Rebecca Lueck No. 

[00:14:32] Rebecca Lueck Although I will say that it’s dangerous to start a client closet because you become a shopaholic. It’s really Bad. 

[00:14:38] Lisa DiGeso It’s true. It’s so true. I was like. 

[00:14:42] Rebecca Lueck Okay, if this this money, no big deal.

[00:14:45] Lisa DiGeso There’s actually been times where I have had clients that have loved the dress. They’re wearing so much, they’re like, Can I buy this off you? And I’m like, Actually, yes. 

[00:14:54] Rebecca Lueck Right. Yeah, you should, you know. Great. 

[00:15:00] Lisa DiGeso Terrible. Now, can you share a story of a favorite session of yours? 

[00:15:05] Rebecca Lueck Yeah. So this summer, I went to the Tetons, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, and it was like a big camping trip with my family. But my best friend from high school was able to come along, and it was so fun. I got to, like, scout the location and I got to plan all of their outfits. I brought. I actually brought stuff from my client closet. Along on our RV trip and it was so much fun, but I did it for free for them. I just wanted to give them that gift. And I feel like all of the best sessions are free ones. You know, there’s the pressures off. You just get to do what you want. You don’t have to worry about doing what they’re going to want to do. And then I also just wanted to photograph somebody in the Tetons. 

[00:15:52] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I know, right. Sometimes you just want to do what you want to do. 

[00:15:56] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, well, I feel like I’m photographing people in different, beautiful locations. It’s kind of like collecting baseball cards. You like collecting backdrops for your portfolio? 

[00:16:06] Lisa DiGeso I love it. Oh, it’s so good. I love it. Now, speaking of locations, your locations are stunning. So how do you go about location scouting and finding locations that, you know, work for each family? 

[00:16:19] Rebecca Lueck I have like a specific process that I go through when I’m finding locations, but it starts with knowing what to look for. So what I want is because I’m going to do a session most likely at sunset. So I want there to be sun filtered through something. So to the West, I want there to be like trees or like a little hill or just something to filter the light through. And then I want open sky in the opposite direction. So you want your clients to be facing towards that open sky where they’re going to get a lot of light back onto their faces. And I think that’s super important. I don’t like shooting in like a forest or something like that because there’s not good light in there. There’s not enough sky to reflect back onto their faces. So. And then I’m also looking for something that’s, like, higher up than the rest of the land around, if that’s possible. Or at least if there’s a place where I can go at the end of the session that’s higher up like a hill or something, because I want that sun for the longest that I can right before it’s set. So I mean, obviously if there’s a really great location, then you have to just deal with the sun being blocked early, like fine. But for the most part, that’s what I’m looking for. 

[00:17:38] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I love it. 

[00:17:39] Rebecca Lueck Yeah. So I send out a location guide to all my clients and they get to choose from there and has a lot of good info in there. Like, you know, what the terrain is like or how much walking there’s going to be, or is there a cliff that might not be good if your child’s a runner? 

[00:17:54] Lisa DiGeso Yeah. 

[00:17:55] Rebecca Lueck So they get to choose where they want to go. But I know a lot of photographers will, like, just send out, you know, oh, here’s a few ideas for you based on what you said you wanted, but I feel like that’s just too much work for me and I want things to be easy. So I just send them the guide and they get to pick. 

[00:18:12] Lisa DiGeso I love that. So how far from your your base location or your home are these locations and like how far are your clients usually willing to drive? 

[00:18:21] Rebecca Lueck So I, I have locations that are close to me, like within 30 minutes or maybe even within like 40 minutes. And those ones are a different price point than the other ones. So I’ll go like an hour to go out to the gorge, but then I’ll go like, 2 hours to get to the coast. So people are paying a little bit more for each one of those based on price, but I mean the ones that are rebranded myself as an adventure photographer, I got a lot more clients willing to drive for a good location rather than just wanting to go to like that park down the street from their house that’s kind of boring. 

[00:18:59] Lisa DiGeso I love that. That’s so neat. So tell me the experience, like when a client rolls up for their adventure session, what is the experience like? How long is it usually taking and how are you making this like an incredible, memorable experience for them? 

[00:19:13] Rebecca Lueck I mean, it really depends on the family. Like, if there’s only one kid, then the session can probably take like 40 minutes or something, but it can also take up to an hour and a half, depending on where the how much walking we’re going to do or how many kids they have or just how the session goes. So I don’t put a time on it, but I kind of just tell people, you know, it can take anywhere from, you know, this to this probably like hour and a half max. But I I’ll kind of tell them to come to the location based on what I think, depending on where, how much we’re going to walk or how many kids are in their family. And then when we get to the location, I just have tons of fun with them. And we walk around, we try different spots and try not to stay in the same place for too long. So I want to give them a lot of variety and a lot of the places that are you have a lot of variety. So we just kind of go around having a good. 

[00:20:07] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, love that. Now I know for me an experience. I’ve been shooting families for like 12 years now. You’ll often have clients that don’t always respect timelines and sunsets. And so how do you how do you navigate that? How do you arrange for that, for the timing, for your sessions to start on time? Maybe if your clients. I want to start on time. 

[00:20:30] Rebecca Lueck Yes. Okay. So people are always going to like, oh, you know, my kid doesn’t do well staying up late or whatever. So that I will either say, like, hey, here’s my blog post about how to get your kids to stay up later for sunset sessions or whatever, where I have a lot of tips on that, but I also tell them, please just realize that we’re doing it based on light. And if you’ve noticed my portfolio, you know that my sessions are always done at sunset and if I did a different time of day, it’s not going to look the same. So either you can book it and we’re going to try everything we like. A lot of the tips that I said in my blog post, or you can wait until it’s the fall and sunset is a lot earlier if you really think that your kid’s not going to handle it well. 

[00:21:18] Lisa DiGeso That’s a good point. And what if they just show up late? 

[00:21:22] Rebecca Lueck Oh, yeah. So I tell everybody in that reminder email, like, please show up 5 to 10 minutes early so nobody’s rushing. And, you know, you can have a minute to get your kids settled. Wipe some faces if they had snacks on a car ride or whatever. But of course, several times they’re going to show up early. I mean, really, I was the entire point of my set is to be carefree and have fun. So I never say anything about it. I’m just like, there’s nothing I can do now. So they’re already late. So we just go, we do it. And, you know, if when we run out of light, they’re done. 

[00:22:02] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I love that they just get less photos. That’s not on you. 

[00:22:06] Rebecca Lueck Not my fault

[00:22:07] Lisa DiGeso So do you ever have clients that want to do multiple locations? 

[00:22:11] Rebecca Lueck Yes. And there are some that work for that depending. But they have to be pretty close together because there’s like so much to do with the light. And if you’re driving like a half an hour or something, that’s not really going to work. But I usually if there’s a location that’s like within 10 minutes, then that will work. 

[00:22:31] Lisa DiGeso Yeah. When I will because I’ve been doing maternity sessions for years and I, I think I just get bored easily, but I, my maternity sessions start and they have like usually three or four different setups inside. And then I go least to five different locations, which is nuts and I know and I can’t help myself. So I end up having these massive galleries for my clients because I get too excited and I just want to go everywhere. And I’m like, I got this new dress, this and you are, you look amazing. And I just I really struggle. So do you ever struggle with wanting, like, just to kind of rein yourself in and not overdeliver as much? 

[00:23:12] Rebecca Lueck Oh, definitely. I had a session just recently that went so well, and the kids were so adorable and they were just all doing the right things. And I was just I just kept going and I’m like, We’re out of L.A. and I don’t even care and bumping my eye. So, like, and I think I delivered probably like 160 photos, which I never do. I usually try and keep it pretty close to 100 or less, but I don’t know, every once in a while you just got to you just got to put them all in there. 

[00:23:44] Lisa DiGeso It’s so it’s some some sessions. You’re just like that. Just that made my heart explode. My heart exploded. And this is my. This is what you get. It’s my exploded heart in your gallery. It’s so beautiful. 

[00:23:56] Rebecca Lueck I know.  Nobody’s ever going to complain about that, right? 

[00:23:59] Lisa DiGeso I know. I know. If anything It’s like there’s too many to choose from, right? The only problem. Right. 

[00:24:06] Lisa DiGeso So what do you feel is the secret to capturing images that not only showcase each unique family, but also bring purpose and meaning to you? 

[00:24:14] Rebecca Lueck I think that giving them space to just be themselves is what’s going to get you the best photos every time. But the trick to that is you have to start the session out with a lot of direction because they’re uncomfortable and they don’t know what to do and they don’t get it. So I start out by giving them lots of fun games and prompts and directing a lot and kind of like, you know, giving Mom’s tips about how to stand and things like that and just really getting them to understand what’s looking good. And then once they’re comfortable, then they’re going to do the cutest stuff because you kind of step back and you just tell them like, Hey, I’m going to step back and give you guys some space to just do whatever feels natural to you. So it’s up to you what you want to do. But like some ideas might be like, go over here and explore this area, go pick some flowers. Just always be thinking about like, how can I be connecting with someone? So a lot of touching and playing and just try and be connected with someone and then you step back and let them do their thing for a little bit. 

[00:25:18] Lisa DiGeso I love that. And what I really notice in your work is there’s so much movement and motion to that. Like people just aren’t standing still and stagnant. Like you’re capturing them being alive, if that makes. It’s just this living image. I love that. 

[00:25:33] Rebecca Lueck Thank you. Well, when you are giving them that space to kind of do whatever they want. You also have to, like, maybe give them some things while they’re doing it. Like, Oh, hey, mom, can you, like, switch positions so I can see her? You know, just like, sometimes they’ll be standing in front of them or. Hey, you know, it would be a great idea if you, like, switch your dress around while you do that thing you’re doing or something like that. 

[00:25:55] Lisa DiGeso It’s funny because I really struggle with that, wanting to let them be themselves and have that motion, but are also that perfectionist. And I’m like, Hey, Mom, like, like, stick at your neck. Like, I pretend you don’t want me to get that for you. Like, so I really struggle with my pose because I am such a pose. Photographer leaning it, trying to lean in to capturing memories. And it’s so foreign to me like it really. Like I am so good at posed. 

[00:26:17] Rebecca Lueck Yes, you are. Yeah. I think that it’s okay to give them that extra info too, because like, yeah, I step back, but I’m also just saying like, hey, don’t forget this thing or whatever. And like if you’ve already explained the chin thing like earlier in the session, then I have to be like, oh, don’t forget your chin. 

[00:26:35] Lisa DiGeso Yeah. 

[00:26:36] Rebecca Lueck Just real quick while they’re doing the whatever they’re doing. 

[00:26:39] Lisa DiGeso That so fun. So you ready to head into our lightning round? 

[00:26:44] Rebecca Lueck Sure. Yeah. 

[00:26:47] Lisa DiGeso Hey, so favorite guilty or not so guilty? Pleasure. 

[00:26:51] Rebecca Lueck I’m going to go with sushi. 

[00:26:53] Lisa DiGeso Oh, same. 

[00:26:56] Rebecca Lueck I love it. Or also watching The Bachelor, like either one. 

[00:27:03] Lisa DiGeso What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? 

[00:27:06] Rebecca Lueck My husband got me my first full frame camera for my birthday, like, years ago, and it was so special. I got a 60, I was so excited and I still have it. But it was great. 

[00:27:18] Lisa DiGeso oceans are mountains and why. 

[00:27:21] Rebecca Lueck I could never choose. 

[00:27:23] Lisa DiGeso You know. Right. 

[00:27:24] Rebecca Lueck I love them both. We have both here and they’re so gorgeous. I can’t. 

[00:27:29] Lisa DiGeso Love it. What is something you’ve accomplished as an adult that your younger self would be proud of? 

[00:27:34] Rebecca Lueck Definitely owning my own business and being successful at it. When I was little, I would buy and crochet like little hot pads and I’d go around with a wagon and like ask my neighbors if they wanted to buy them for $0.10. So I was always an entrepreneur. 

[00:27:49] Lisa DiGeso I love it. I was too. I used to make necklaces and sell them. Yeah, I tried to sell them to people and like bracelets and stuff at school 

[00:27:58] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, oh, I definitely tried to sell my stuff at school.You’re like, not allowed to do it, you know? 

[00:28:04] Lisa DiGeso What’s your favorite comfort food? 

[00:28:06] Rebecca Lueck Probably, I don’t know, like chicken and mashed potatoes. But that sounds comforting to me and like a really good soup. 

[00:28:16] Lisa DiGeso Like pho. Or is it pho or pha like that noodle soup. 

[00:28:19] Rebecca Lueck It’s got to be something warm. I feel like that’s. 

[00:28:21] Lisa DiGeso Totally. Totally. Where do you feel most centered and happy? 

[00:28:26] Rebecca Lueck It’s funny. Like, I feel like, duh, but holding a camera. 

[00:28:30] Lisa DiGeso Yeah. 

[00:28:31] Rebecca Lueck Because when you’re at a session, like, everything else goes away. So I’ll have a stomachache before a session or a headache as soon as I get started. It’s gone. 

[00:28:39] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I agree. I love it. What’s for dinner tonight? 

[00:28:44] Rebecca Lueck Probably going to be Doordash

[00:28:49] Lisa DiGeso What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given? 

[00:28:54] Rebecca Lueck Let’s go with raise your prices. 

[00:28:56] Lisa DiGeso Yeah. 

[00:28:58] Rebecca Lueck Always a good one or just like the entire book of building a story in the entire book of building your Story Brand.

[00:29:06] Lisa DiGeso Story Brand. So good, so good. We had Nate on who’s actually story brand. He’s from Sticky Albums and he’s a Story Brand expert and oh, I agree. Love it. What advice do you have for someone just starting out? 

[00:29:21] Rebecca Lueck Be confident in what you know. So I just feel like when I first started out, I just wasn’t confident and your clients can feel that and then your sessions don’t go as well. So if you know, like, hey, if the light doesn’t look good here, it’s okay to just be like, you know what this is? Don’t work. I feel like it’d be really a lot better if we went to this other spot over here and just don’t be afraid to speak up. 

[00:29:46] Lisa DiGeso Yeah, I love that. That’s great advice. What makes your soul light up? 

[00:29:51] Rebecca Lueck Oh, I don’t know. Probably my kids playing instruments now. They’re both super into their musical instruments right now, and they’re always playing and it’s so fun. 

[00:30:02] Lisa DiGeso I love that. So where can our listeners learn more from you? 

[00:30:08] Rebecca Lueck Well, I have my website, which is, and it has a lot of good resources for photographers. And then I have a lot of things that in my shop like presets and guides. And then I also have my Instagram, which is beccajeanphotography and. You can also find my Facebook group for photographers, for family photographers. And it’s called Family Photographers Connect. 

[00:30:37] Lisa DiGeso And you’re also coming to teach for the online newborn retreat. So can you share a little bit about what the students will be learning? 

[00:30:45] Rebecca Lueck Yeah, I’m going to be teaching outdoor and newborn sessions, so you’ll get to see me walk through an entire session and you can hear exactly what I say. And it’s so much fun. It’s so cute. The little, little girl, they have a toddler also. She was not the easiest. So I think that will be really helpful for people to see what I do in those situations and how I kind of get her to get back into being happy again, which I had to happen several, several times. 

[00:31:17] Lisa DiGeso So yeah, I can’t wait. I’m excited to watch it too. So I love to end my interviews just with this last question. And it is what are you currently curious about or artistically curious about? 

[00:31:31] Rebecca Lueck Right now it’s really film. So like family films, like video and I mean, I’ve been doing it for a little bit over a year where I’ve been offering it for my clients. But since it’s still fairly new, I’m like super into it. And so I really want to get more into color grading and figuring out how to make my own. 

[00:31:50] Lisa DiGeso What’s so fun? I love it. Well, Becca, thank you so much for joining me today. 

[00:31:54] Rebecca Lueck Thank you. It’s been so fun. 

[00:31:57] Lisa DiGeso Well, my beautiful friends. Thank you so much for tuning into this conversation. I hope you loved it just as much as I did. And I am sending you so much of my light and my love today and every single day. We will see you next time. 

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