Spotlight on Senior Portraits: Cultivating Confidence in Teen Sessions with Ariel Perry

The connection between a photographer and their subject is never more important than when you’re shooting senior portraits. Not only are they at a pivotal moment in their lives, but many of them struggle with self-confidence and body image. If you can dig deep into their personalities and then show them their own beauty through your images, you can truly change lives.

senior portraits

In this episode, I chat with photographer and photography educator who specializes in senior portraits, Ariel Perry, about her process for connecting and working with seniors.

Ariel shares how she fell in love with senior photography and decided to niche down. She explains how she goes about building a connection with a teen, even if they’re not entirely sold on the idea of a portrait session. We also talk about how a photoshoot can make a world of difference in a teen’s self-confidence.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Ariel found her passion for senior photography and made it her niche [2:17]
  • How to be assertive during a shoot and establish the creative direction [7:03]
  • How to get to know your client’s personality and pull that out of them during the shoot [10:32]
  • Working with teens who are shy or unsure about senior portraits [12:26]
  • Ariel’s favorite shoots, and her experience shooting in London and Rome [17:01]
  • Business advice for new and seasoned photographers [18:43]
  • How a portrait session can help a senior find their confidence [21:31]

If you want to create real connections with your clients and empower them through senior portraits, tune in to this episode.

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Resources Mentioned

Ike & Tash

David Yurman Jewelry

Meet Ariel Perry

Ariel Perry is an internationally-acclaimed senior portrait photographer who knows the power of young people. She has a passion for capturing the promise and potential of the next generation. Through her photography and her mentorship programs, Ariel has helped both seniors and aspiring photographers find the confidence they need to step into their dreams. Ariel Perry Photography, founded in 2014, is based in Charlotte, NC, and boasts multiple features in nationwide publications including US Weekly, InStyle, Yahoo, The Knot, Senior Style Guide, and more.

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Learn more from Ariel in the 2022 {online} Family Retreat.


[00:00:00] Ariel Perry: Thank you for today. What she don’t know is that she was feeling really down because she felt ugly, unwanted and totally insecure about herself because she’s still navigating friendships and she’s never had a boyfriend and she was feeling really low. She finally broke down crying this morning when I took to school and we had to get to that moment. She struggles. I felt these feelings. I really work to affirm her often on her beauty inside and out, and it’s really something she has to grow herself to see your photos. You help her get to see that beauty for herself today, at that time when she truly needed it. I’m so thankful for you for what moments she had with you today. Keep doing what you’re doing. It really is God working through you. Have a great night. I was like, I’m done. I’m done. Like, that was powerful. And that’s what these young girls need to see.

[00:00:57] Lisa DiGeso: Welcome to the Art and Soul Show, where we dove into heart opening chats on photography, business, life and that messy in between. I’m your host, Lisa DiGeso, a mom, a photographer and entrepreneur. And I’ll be sharing honest conversations and advice for photographers with insight on mindset, entrepreneurship and creativity. The goal of this podcast is for you to be able to gain insights and strategies that will get you real results. Because, let’s face it, having a photography business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. This is the place you can go when you need a boost of encouragement, a kick in the pants and inspiration to pick up your camera. This is the Art and Soul Show. Hello, my beautiful friends. Welcome back to the show. Today, I am so excited to dove into this conversation with Ariel Perry. She is an internationally acclaimed senior portrait photographer who knows the power of young people. She has a passion for capturing the promise and potential of the next generation through her photography and her mentorship programs. Ariel has helped both seniors and aspiring photographers find the confidence they need to step into their dreams. Without further ado, here’s Ari. 

[00:02:12] Ariel Perry: Thank you so much for having me. I’m so happy to be here. Thank you. I mean. 

[00:02:17] Lisa DiGeso: I’m so happy to have you. Now, we were just talking off camera before we got our podcast, before we got started about the family retreat now. Ariel has just finished coming off being a teacher for the family retreat and she specializes in senior photography. And we were talking about it’s like not really a genre that is really super known out there yet. So can you tell us how you kind of discovered it and found your passion for it?

[00:02:42] Ariel Perry: Yes. So I discovered photography. I was attending a WPI, which is a major portrait wedding conference in Vegas. And this was about seven years ago, I believe. But I took a class from a fair photographer, came out with the name, but I was like, this seems really cool. And I was like, more so doing weddings at that time. So I was like, This is where my alley is. And then from that I met at that conference, I Ike and Tash, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of them.  

[00:03:14] Lisa DiGeso: Yes.

[00:03:16] Ariel Perry: They’re incredible. I did a mash with them and the rest is history like. But I came from that WPI experience and stuff. But yeah, I have a passion for it because when I was a senior, I really struggled with self-confidence. I really had none. And I’m just like, Wow, after seeing Ike and Tash’s work and just see what they do or their team. I was like, I wish I mean, I wish I had something like that when I was a senior. So I know because of that passion, I know I can succeed in this genre, and that’s really where it came from.

[00:03:54] Lisa DiGeso: I love that so much. Now specifically with that focus on senior photography, now, a lot of times you hear these two different things. It’s like, don’t niche Ornish. So can you share why you’ve chosen to niche specifically instead of working with, like weddings and everything and like to use everything all over the place?

[00:04:13] Ariel Perry: So a lot of photographers who I look up to, they all had niches. That’s really where the money is because people want to come to you for a specific day and they look at you as the expert. And that’s really why I was like, I have to niche down. I do still offer other services, but it’s not known. And so I was like, I want to be known for cinematography because I want my clients might even have a shadow of a doubt. She’s going to make it happen. She’s going to make this experience unforgettable because she specializes in high school seniors. 

[00:04:49] Lisa DiGeso: I love that I’m in the process of changing my niche, really. I used to kind of be well used to do maternity, newborn baby family, maybe some good, some poor, some, you know, couples as well. And I’m like, you know, my route, my roots really are maternity and newborn. And that is my first love. 

[00:05:04] Ariel Perry: Yeah. 

[00:05:05] Lisa DiGeso: And so I’m actually stripping away all of my family sessions. And like everything else, I think I’ll still do, baby. Maybe, I’m still trying to decide.

[00:05:12] Ariel Perry: Yeah.

[00:05:13] Lisa DiGeso: I mean, this, like, this whole, like, I’m putting, pressing pause on my business while I kind of figure things out and figure out what I want to do. So.

[00:05:20] Ariel Perry: Good for you.

[00:05:20] Lisa DiGeso: I am. You know, my heart’s definitely going into, like, it’s time to go back to a niche. Yeah, I started. Yeah. 

[00:05:26] Ariel Perry: Yeah, yeah. They say the money into the niches and I. Yeah, I mean like more the more. But yeah, I think, I think it’s really cool when you can do that and it can be scary as well.

[00:05:37] Lisa DiGeso: Terrifying.

[00:05:37] Ariel Perry: Yeah, very scary. I was like, how am I going to make all my income by just doing seniors? Because I used to do weddings and that’s really scary. But yeah.

[00:05:47] Lisa DiGeso: Okay, so do you do any weddings anywhere?

[00:05:50] Ariel Perry: I do like 1 to 3 weddings a year.

[00:05:54] Lisa DiGeso: And how in love with your Saturdays are you that you’re not shooting weddings?

[00:05:59] Ariel Perry: Incredible. If not, oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. I have a big family, like a large family, and I always miss functions who always have stuff going on. And I’m like, Yeah, this is not it. This is not for me. Not for me. I’ll take a special one.

[00:06:18] Lisa DiGeso: So about 20, about 20 years ago, I used to be a wedding planner. I was like, Oh, it was fun. I actually worked for it. So I was a wedding planner with my own company. And then I started working for a university for a few years where I was their wedding and event coordinator there. So any Saturday I would have like six weddings going on at once. And after I left that I became a makeup artist where I was doing bridal makeup. And then after that I became a photographer and from day one I was like, I am not doing weddings yet. I am done. Done. I’ve done them for 15 years.  

[00:06:46] Ariel Perry: Yes. Yes. Wow, that is true. Yeah, you are, you are seasoned.

[00:06:52] Lisa DiGeso: I’m seasoned. Not my thing is like when I’m when I don’t want to do it anywhere, I just don’t do it. Yeah.

[00:06:58] Ariel Perry: So that’s what I say. Don’t force it. Yeah. Yeah, it makes you happy. 

[00:07:03] Lisa DiGeso: Absolutely. So I think when it comes to working with teens and seniors, there is a little bit of a fear of posing them, especially when you know you’re wanting things to look not exactly sexy. Yeah. So how do you handle working with that? With a client who maybe like trying to push the envelope by trying to be sexy. You’re like, Hey, girl, like, got to pull that back a bit.

[00:07:23] Ariel Perry: Just, oh, that’s a good question. I definitely have my go to poses, so I definitely do a lot of headshots because that is a seller. So I do apps. So moms love, love, love, close up shots. A lot of my focus is on that. And then when I’m just posing them from a full body, three-quarter standpoint school, sometimes they do have on jeans or they have skirts. I’ll have them, like, twirl. I have to put their hands in their pockets. I’ll have to kind of look over their shoulder even more so giggling. Now there are seniors who like smiling. Yeah, I pretty much force them to smile. I’m like, Your mom is going to want you to smile. You’re going to have to smile. I can give it. You can give a non serious look. That’s fine, but we’re going to smile for some. So I’m just really for without, but in a polite way.

[00:08:12] Lisa DiGeso: So do you find how much Instagram and TikTok and all like the posing and everything that’s been really active on there. And seniors are definitely active on social media. So do you find that they try to bring some of that to the session and you’re like, Ooh, not quite what we’re going for? 

[00:08:29] Ariel Perry: And honestly, no, I have not had a senior guide. The only I mean, I did a scout shoot with the senior where she I could tell, you know, in the mirror on her phone a lot. So I did have to be a little bit more aggressive with my creative direction. And that was some points were a little awkward, but she felt like she caught on because I was just being repetitive. I’m like, okay, now don’t do that, do that. So really, I think that if people are struggling with that, they should just be assertive and typically the seniors will take it. 

[00:09:07] Lisa DiGeso: And it’s funny because it’s like dads to like working with dads at family sessions, too. Yeah, you got you got to take control and you got to be assertive or they’re going to want to take control, too.

[00:09:16] Ariel Perry: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:09:18] Lisa DiGeso: My biggest track, which is hilarious, but I’m going to share it and it’s almost embarrassing. But you know, I shoot Nikon and, you know, the 200 millimeter lens. How big it is. Yes. Okay. Yeah. So when I show up to my family shoots, I have that baby strapped on. I don’t use it. I take like five shots and I always shoot with my 135, really. But usually the dad’s like, whoa. Like, that’s a big lens. Like, you mean business, huh?

[00:09:47] Ariel Perry: That’s a good tip.

[00:09:48] Lisa DiGeso: Like, but I feel like psychologically. Yeah, I got a big lens. Yeah. So, yeah, I’m here to do my job. Yeah. So, I don’t know, it works for me.

[00:09:57] Ariel Perry: Right? That’s kind of like when you show up to a shoe and you just have your camera. I mean, just have your body and your 50 millimeter and they’re like, you’re a photographer. But if you show up with all this equipment, you could be the worst photographer ever. 

[00:10:12] Lisa DiGeso: I know.

[00:10:12] Ariel Perry: And they’re like, Oh my God, you’re amazing. 

[00:10:15] Lisa DiGeso: How is that perception so funny that way? And you’re like, But I’m not even going to use that. Like, Exactly, exactly. 

[00:10:21] Ariel Perry: I don’t understand. But okay. 

[00:10:23] Lisa DiGeso: I don’t get it either. But I know how to play the game. So yeah. Don’t hate the player. hate the game.  

[00:10:28] Ariel Perry: Right, right, right.

[00:10:32] Lisa DiGeso: So what I really love about your work is you really pull out your personality, the personality of your clients, you know, can you share a little bit of your process on how you actually extract your client’s vibe?

[00:10:42] Ariel Perry: Yeah. So a big part of it is going to be the consultation beforehand before finishing. I definitely think that plays into it. So whether it’s space time, I used to do in-person consultations before the pandemic, but. I really think that it’s super important to have a conversation with them beforehand so that you’re comfortable with them and they’re comfortable. Do you get a chance to know their personality? Because also doing a questionnaire helps a lot. So you get a feel. Just asking questions about what type of music they like, where they go with their friends, what they do in their spare time? Because that also gives you conversation during the shoot for someone who might be a little quiet. You can pull from those questionnaire questions and just kind of bounce off that. And then at the shoot on the part of the questionnaire, I have to give me a few songs that they like. And so sometimes I’ll make a playlist or I’ll even tell them during that consultation call, Hey, come to issue with a playlist, because that’s going to help loosen up the music. You can probably ask any photographer. I mean, really, anyone, whether it’s branding or whatever music definitely helps. Hands down.  

[00:11:55] Lisa DiGeso: Yeah, it’s so true. It’s so true. Even like with my newborn sessions, like I have a specific playlist. I play that every single time my client likes it, what was that playlist? I’m like, Oh, it’s, it’s my Milk and Honey Newborn playlist. I’ll send it to you when I send you the gallery. And they’re like, Really? Yeah. Like, yeah. It’s like, it’s just songs. They may have never heard of that. Like, the lyrics really touch their heart. And so it’s just been like, Yeah, you totally get in their head.  

[00:12:20] Ariel Perry: Yeah, I love it. Yeah, that’s a big one. But yeah, definitely that pre consultation. That’s helpful.  

[00:12:26] Lisa DiGeso: Yeah. So do you ever do you ever really run into a session where you have like maybe a teen that has had this session booked by their parent and they’re like maybe aren’t so warmed up to the idea of it and maybe don’t want to be there and give a little bit surly like do you run into not ever. 

[00:12:41] Ariel Perry: So I always have to talk to the singer before we let their parents know that we’re going to speak. So I haven’t really run into that. I’ve had a few boys who in the beginning they’re like, Why am I here? Yeah, once I show the back of that camera, you’re like, Oh, shoot, these are dope. Yeah. And then I think, Well, why don’t we have another outfit? Oh, it happens all the time. I was really hot because usually, you know, pictures are known for being more girly and more boring instead. And I’m like, No, this is not what we’re going to do here. We’re going to have fun regardless of your personality. And they’re like, I want more.

[00:13:22] Lisa DiGeso: Yeah, I love that because you’re getting to know the real them. I love that. I love that so much. And my son, he’s going to be 13 this year and he’s just really not a lover of the camera. And I’m like, gosh, like, what’s he like a kid into right now? He’s into video games and Fortnite and all that kind of stuff. And I’m like, I don’t even know how to get him in front of the camera at this point.

[00:13:42] Ariel Perry: I would pull from the things that Fortnite has photographed, like my nephews. They’re not here hearing people. But I was like, they had some Fortnite stuff that they can put on for a picture. Yeah, they just lit up. It was like they’re a whole new person and love it. So you just kind of pull from their interests. Yeah. Get a feel for what they like.  

[00:14:01] Lisa DiGeso: Right now he’s trying to talk me into getting him a good to Balenciaga hoodie, and I’m like, Dude.  

[00:14:06] Ariel Perry: Okay, well.

[00:14:08] Lisa DiGeso: I kind of worried that.

[00:14:10] Ariel Perry: You had style. Okay.

[00:14:12] Lisa DiGeso: He’s hilarious. He’s hilarious.

[00:14:14] Ariel Perry: Yeah, that is funny.

[00:14:15] Lisa DiGeso: That’s funny. So what advice do you have, maybe with working with teens and seniors that might be on the Shier side and how to pull them out of their shell?

[00:14:23] Ariel Perry: So that’s going to take a little bit more talking. You’re going to have to talk to your photographer. That does not all it’s just not going to work for you. So you really have to ask them questions like again, what do they do for fun? What do they do on the weekends? Talk about their friends. How about what your friends are like? And try to constantly ask questions. And I hate to say it, but the music, the music helps. Like I haven’t met not one senior that doesn’t like music. So talk about that. Just fine little things to constantly talk about because that’s going to eventually warm them up. And you might not start off like having a good shot in the beginning, but they’re going to warm up and they’re going to become like listed. They’re going to start talking to you because you’re really fortunate that you’re awesome and it’ll loosen up, you know? But I could talk about extreme silence. So I would just constantly talk and again make sure that consultation beforehand is a good one. And you can tell. You’ll be able to tell if they’re shy not on that consultation call based off their body language, based off their eye contact. So if you know that, then make a note, say, I want to have to work a little bit harder, pulling out that personality by talking to them more.

[00:15:45] Lisa DiGeso: And you know what? I think teens are so, like, perceptive and like, they’re not little kids. And, like, they can tell when you are beating them that you care about them, like you actually legitimately have to. Be curious about them and care, because otherwise they’re just going to they’re not going to trust you. Right. So I think that’s probably part of your secret sauce, too.

[00:16:04] Ariel Perry: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, definitely. Establishing trust is a super important issue. Oh, I’m sorry. Shaun of the back of the camera. So. Yeah, and not not a lot though because I’m sure photographers can debate on whether or not you should show the back of the cameras, because a lot of times I don’t. But definitely with a shy person, it’s worked like magic.

[00:16:24] Lisa DiGeso: I 100% always show my clients no matter what. I’m shooting the back of my camera. Yeah. And I think, like, for me, I pretty much nail my photo, like my exposure in camera. So there’s minimal tweaking that I kind of have to do. That’s just how I shoot, right? But the difference someone has when they have that validation that they’re looking good and you’re capturing them and that they like are really happy with the results and you know what you’re doing. There is such a shift in the session when they know that they can trust you.

[00:16:55] Ariel Perry: Yes. 

[00:16:55] Lisa DiGeso: And like for me, it’s always I have to show them when I’m shooting.

[00:16:58] Ariel Perry: Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. Yup. 

[00:17:01] Lisa DiGeso: Yup. So what has been your all time favorite shoot?

[00:17:05] Ariel Perry: So this is a very easy one. When I shot a singer in London and I’m like, those pictures are to die for. And just the whole experience, it was just incredible. It was incredible. London was hilarious because we got kicked out of almost everyone, but we still got the shot. So I was so happy. And Lemon’s one of my favorite places in the world, but that was hands down, my favorite shoot. I love it. 

[00:17:32] Lisa DiGeso: What’s your dream shoot? Where would you love to shoot?

[00:17:36] Ariel Perry: So many places to look to. I’ve been to Iceland and I was like, I have to take a senior to Iceland. When the pandemic hit. I had a florist. I had a hair stylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, and two seniors. The week before we were supposed to go, they shut everything down. Oh, no. Oh, no. But that was my idea. I was thinking about my dream shoot right there that I was like, I’m going to make this happen. I made it happen in the world. So no, not today. 

[00:18:07] Lisa DiGeso: Not right now. Not yet.

[00:18:08] Ariel Perry: Not yet.

[00:18:11] Lisa DiGeso: Oh, gosh, I know. We’ve been through it. So how did you find coming out the other side of the pandemic, are you finding that you have more families wanting to have seen your portraits just to capture that time?  

[00:18:23] Ariel Perry: Definitely. Definitely the fear. I mean, my senior business, I think, did the best for the year. The pandemic. Yeah. Not. Not, not think I know for a fact. Like, it was a drastic change. And I was like, I love it. I’m here for it. So I definitely appreciated those memories for sure. 

[00:18:43] Lisa DiGeso: Love that. So what has been the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?  

[00:18:47] Ariel Perry: Raise my price. Yeah, raise my price. I have a business coach. I’m so modest and I have had to learn to be again, to be confident and to know my worth. And so for so long, I didn’t even know that I was good. And it wasn’t until my business coach was like, You’re amazing in price. So I raised it. Never looked back.

[00:19:16] Lisa DiGeso: Horrifyingly later like, Oh my God. 

[00:19:18] Ariel Perry: Know what’s going to happen.

[00:19:19] Lisa DiGeso: So I bought my business, right? And you’re like, no time. 

[00:19:22] Ariel Perry: Yeah, exactly, exactly. But I did do the work to get to that point. So from the artistic standpoint, from a business standpoint, I put in a lot of work. So that’s why I was like, now got to raise it. And that was the best advice I could have ever gotten.

[00:19:38] Lisa DiGeso: What advice do you have for someone maybe just starting out?

[00:19:41] Ariel Perry: I would definitely say invest in the right education, the right, keyword, because there’s a lot of stuff out here now. So definitely do your research, ask other people who have invested and their experience and then also shoot, just shoot, shoot, shoot at the beginning. I shot every day. I mean, I was shooting everything. Everyone, all my friends, family. I wouldn’t literally stop people at the mall with a finger or someone who looked like a singer. And I was like, Could you do a styled shoot with me? But like, I was so adamant about shooting constantly because I wanted to perfect my craft. So let’s say just shoot your lights out. 

[00:20:23] Lisa DiGeso: Yeah, I remember the first year when I was first year, I was doing newborn photography. I think I photographed. There was one month I photographed 30 newborns in a month.

[00:20:32] Ariel Perry: Wow. 

[00:20:32] Lisa DiGeso: It was a lot. It was a lot. Especially when you don’t know what you’re doing yet. So that’s just like I.  

[00:20:37] Ariel Perry: Learned so much during that time.

[00:20:39] Lisa DiGeso: Much so much like the confidence to have it just like okay. Didn’t work. Didn’t work. Didn’t work. Didn’t work. Didn’t work, worked. Like and then try to figure out and deconstruct why things were working. Yeah. Like, I put myself through, like, baby school. 

[00:20:54] Ariel Perry: Yeah, I like it. Yeah. That’s amazing. And I know newborns are no joke. I heard I saw how it was with my daughter and her newborn session and my mom told the photographer, we’re like, you are blessed. You are so blessed. So kudos to guys.

[00:21:13] Lisa DiGeso: I think it’s like it’s so funny because I like, I can’t even imagine working like, I love my son.  

[00:21:18] Ariel Perry: Yeah. 

[00:21:19] Lisa DiGeso: Holy crap. I do not have the patience for him, but give me a newborn. I’m like, I hang out with you all day and I won’t even look at the clock.

[00:21:26] Ariel Perry: Isn’t not crazy? See, I’ll pick the senior all day. 

[00:21:31] Lisa DiGeso: Meant to do different things like that. So can you share maybe one of your favorite confidence stories from one of your clients?

[00:21:41] Ariel Perry: Oh, I have one recently, and I’m sure she won’t mind if I read the text. But this made me cry. And this is why I’m like this, this is why I do what I do. So back story. I’m finding it. She is a junior so it was her sweet 16 shoot, sweet 16 shoot, she really didn’t even want to do the shoot that day that we did the shoot. She had a crummy day. So that’s why she was feeling down. And after that shoot, it was a whole other girl. And that I mean, it was just so touching. Some like you would never think that she is feeling the way she’s feeling because she’s a gorgeous, beautiful girl inside and out? So that is powerful. So her mom said, thank you for today. What you don’t know is that she was feeling really down because she felt ugly. I will watch it and be totally insecure about herself because she’s still navigating friendships and she’s never had a boyfriend and she was feeling really low. She finally broke down crying this morning when I took to school and we had to get to that moment. She struggles. I felt these feelings. I really work to affirm her often on her beauty inside and out, and it’s really something she has to grow herself to see with her friends. You help her get her to see that baby for herself today, at that time when she truly made it. I’m so thankful for you. For what moment she had with you today. Keep doing what you’re doing. It really is God working for you. Have a great night. I was like, I’m dead. I’m done. 

[00:23:17] Lisa DiGeso: Sobbing. 

[00:23:18] Ariel Perry: Yeah, like that was. That was powerful. And that’s what these young girls need to see. 

[00:23:25] Lisa DiGeso: Love that. Oh, that just touches my heart. I love that. All right, so are you ready? We’re going to switch gears to our lightning round. 

[00:23:34] Ariel Perry: Yeah. 

[00:23:35] Lisa DiGeso: I think last series you binge watched. 

[00:23:38] Ariel Perry: Snowfall. 

[00:23:40] Lisa DiGeso: Oh, I haven’t heard that one. 

[00:23:42] Ariel Perry: Oh, my God. That’s amazing. It’s on FX. And you check it, and they have the. 

[00:23:46] Lisa DiGeso: Most luxurious vacation you’ve ever been on. 

[00:23:49] Ariel Perry: Too. There’s two, actually, or three Turks and Caicos. Montreal, Iceland. They’re very luxury.  

[00:23:56] Lisa DiGeso: Yes. Yeah. Love it. We just stay in Turks and Caicos. 

[00:24:00] Ariel Perry: I stayed at Beaches.

[00:24:01] Lisa DiGeso: I think that’s where he stayed, too. Really? Yeah. 

[00:24:03] Ariel Perry: Yeah, I love it.  

[00:24:04] Lisa DiGeso: It was so good. It was.

[00:24:05] Ariel Perry: So I went over to my cousin. He stayed in the Bay Area where the celebrities stay and I was like, Oh, one day I’m going to be here. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. I love Turks.

[00:24:17] Lisa DiGeso: Me too. I shot a wedding there and I’m not a wedding photographer. 

[00:24:21] Ariel Perry: I would shoot a wedding there.

[00:24:21] Lisa DiGeso: Me here. If you care, if you give me enough wine, I will agree to do anything. So I somehow managed to get roped into doing a wedding for my friend in Turks and Caicos. She’s like, We’ll fly you there. I like, Sure, I’ll do that. 

[00:24:36] Ariel Perry: You know? Yeah.

[00:24:37] Lisa DiGeso: Never have I shot at a wedding in my life. The pictures are amazing and they love them. Yeah, but I am not a wedding photographer so it was like a one and done. 

[00:24:44] Ariel Perry: I, I know because Turks it’s just insane. 

[00:24:47] Lisa DiGeso: You’re so beautiful. So what was your favorite TV show as a kid?  

[00:24:51] Ariel Perry: This is probably Boy Meets World.

[00:24:53] Lisa DiGeso: Oh, good one. Last thing you did for yourself as an indulgence.

[00:24:58] Ariel Perry: Bought myself David Yurman. I’m like, obsessed with David Yurman. 

[00:25:01] Lisa DiGeso: I don’t know David Yurman. 

[00:25:03] Ariel Perry: Oh, you should look him up.

[00:25:03] Lisa DiGeso: Tell me more.

[00:25:04] Ariel Perry: I love him, he’s known for well, he’s not for everything but his bangles. Like if you see several of these specific bangles, you’re like, Oh, that’s David. But look up david. 

[00:25:15] Lisa DiGeso: Oh, it’s jewelry.

[00:25:17] Ariel Perry: Yes, yes, yes. 

[00:25:19] Lisa DiGeso: I do like jewelry.

[00:25:20] Ariel Perry: Yes. It’s very. 

[00:25:22] Lisa DiGeso: Biggest fear as a child. 

[00:25:24] Ariel Perry: Probably spiders. And I still have that fear.

[00:25:31] Lisa DiGeso: Me too, and snakes.

[00:25:34] Ariel Perry: Oh, my. Oh, yeah, yeah. 

[00:25:36] Lisa DiGeso: I went for a walk two days ago and there were four snakes on my walk. Four.

[00:25:40] Ariel Perry: What.

[00:25:40] Lisa DiGeso: I know. And then it was a trail. And then I found a snake skin from just a snake. I was like, What the heck is going on here? So I didn’t go on that trail. 

[00:25:53] Ariel Perry: You know? I probably wouldn’t go back. I’m good. I’m good. 

[00:25:57] Lisa DiGeso: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

[00:25:59] Ariel Perry: A film producer. 

[00:26:02] Lisa DiGeso: Go to karaoke jam. 

[00:26:04] Ariel Perry: Probably Oops, I Did It Again.  

[00:26:08] Lisa DiGeso: Oh, that’s good.

[00:26:09] Ariel Perry: That’s a Britney. 

[00:26:10] Lisa DiGeso: I love that. Where can our listeners learn more from you? 

[00:26:14] Ariel Perry: So my website is always amazing. A way to learn more about me and get in contact with me is just www.Ariel or Instagram @ArielPerry. 

[00:26:26] Lisa DiGeso: What makes your soul light up? 

[00:26:27] Ariel Perry: Seeing others happy? I’m a big giver, so I love seeing that reaction is so satisfying to me, which is why I feel like taking pictures is just right up my alley for that. But I love seeing others just happy off of something that I did or just yeah, I love it. 

[00:26:49] Lisa DiGeso: And I love to end my interviews with this last question. And it is what are you currently curious about or artistically curious about? 

[00:26:57] Ariel Perry: I’m kind of curious about things like video. Like I said, I used to be a film producer and always like I even went to school originally and I switched my major to communications, but I still did a lot of a lot of film work. But I have always wanted to do it. I was just a little bit intimidated. So it kind of sparked my curiosity, especially after having my daughter. I feel a little bit more for the video. 

[00:27:31] Lisa DiGeso: That wouldn’t be amazing. Like if you included that with your sessions and like interviewed them on like all the things they wanted to do or be when they’re older and then have a is like a time capsule for their parents.  

[00:27:41] Ariel Perry: So I have an associate and we’re actually working or working on some stuff. 

[00:27:48] Lisa DiGeso: Yeah, you are. Love that. 

[00:27:50] Ariel Perry: Yes. Yes. Yep. Video is so amazing.  

[00:27:53] Lisa DiGeso: It’s so amazing. It’s so powerful.

[00:27:55] Ariel Perry: It is. It really is. 

[00:27:57] Lisa DiGeso: Well, thank you so much for joining me today.  

[00:28:00] Ariel Perry: Yeah, thank you so much for having me. This is amazing. 

[00:28:04] Lisa DiGeso: All my friends. Wasn’t that a fun conversation? Thank you so much for tuning in this week and each and every week and hanging out with me. Whether you are going for a walk, editing, hanging out with your baby, your kids, driving in your car, I love being in your ear. I am sending you so much of my light and love today and every single day. We’ll see you next time.

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