Shooting from the Soul – Connecting with Your Work & Clients with Visual Artist Jasmin Jade

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She is the powerhouse behind Jasmin Jade photography & Embrace presets. Her work is full of soul & heart. 

As soon as I read on Jasmin’s website that she was also a believer in community over competition and the power of working together, I knew we were going to be 2 peas in a pod!

She is ultra-talented in her boudoir work, creating work that is both emotional and storytelling, and an incredible leader for her boudoir community, preset community and an all-around great human!

The reason I wanted to share Jasmin with you is that you can tell she is an artist that truly connects with her work. This is something that I have often struggled with personally.  We dive into building client relationships, overcoming fear and her tips & techniques on finding your authentic voice & style.

This episode is chock-full of takeaways that will leave you inspired to reconnect with your big why.

Discover more about Jasmin Jade


Client Website


Instagram @sugar_and_lace_studio

Instagram @thejasminjade

Youtube – Jasmin Jade

Embrace presets Facebook Group @embracepresets

Bio: Jasmin is an Arizona based Boudoir & Portrait photographer from Germany. She currently lives in a small town in southern Arizona with her two boys and husband.

She didn’t always want to be a photographer, she sort of fell into photography when she moved to Hawaii with her husband. It was then, on that magical Island of Oahu when it all began. 

She is completely self-taught and puts every inch of her soul into her craft. She say “It feeds me, I need it. It’s an addiction and it’s healing. I cannot imagine my life without photography and I do not know how I ever could.”

Resources shared in this episode:

Wild at heart

Embrace presets

Sue Bryce Boudoir Photographer

Free people

For love and lemons 


Forever 21

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