Knowing Your Numbers – Bookkeeping for Photographers with Tanya Hirschy

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podcast about Bookkeeping for Photographers

Knowing your numbers is an essential part of running a successful photography business. Today, I chat with Tanya about challenges, tips and overcoming fears when it comes to bookkeeping for photographers.

Introduction (1:52)

What are the common business mindset pitfalls for photographers? (2:46)

Procrastination. Bookkeeping for photographers is all about being able to assess your numbers and strategize to push your business forward.  They are also embarrassed about their financial situation and then procrastinate even further.

Why knowing your numbers is empowering and not restricting (5:14)

Most people assume they were not successful and are surprised when they find out they made money. It is also good to know what the comparative numbers are for other photographers. This knowledge boosts confidence and provides validation that they actually are doing good business.

How to change the relationship with bookkeeping for photographers? (8:03)

Small business owners are usually reactive rather than proactive, eg tax time, or when they run out of money. It is better to make sure you have an organizational system in place and a workflow tracking income and expenses. The next step is then to analyze the numbers and learn from them.

How to change the mindset about paying yourself (9:37)

Separate business and personal expenses to put clear lines between business and personal. This will show you how much you can pay yourself, and allow you to get paid what you deserve, rather than just an afterthought.

How to treat your business like a business (13:10)

Get your business level of professionalism to the same level as your creative level of professionalism. Organizing will take time and it may look worse before it gets better, but once system are in place, things will run smoothly.

Advice for putting systems in place and staying with it (15:30)

Accountability when it comes to bookkeeping for photographers is key. Outsourcing will automate that accountability when someone is asking you for information on a regular basis.

The services that Tidy Books provide (17:36)

1. Monthly services – Day to day bookkeeping for photographers

2. DIY – We set up and launch you, follow up with accountability call

3. Course – Specifically for photographers to set up and maintain bookkeeping

How to determine what a successful system means (20:34)

Determine what your goals are. Ask what will life look like if you outsource bookkeeping, and if nothing changes, what will happen.

Advice for feeling embarrassed about your bookkeeping systems (21:35)

Face the truth of where you are. Find someone to work with who don’t feel like they are judging you. Change your mindset of fear and doubt and know you can deal with this professionally.

Resources to learn more about business and bookkeeping for photographers (26:08)

What are you curious about? (27:21)

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Tanya is the owner of Tidy Books, a virtual bookkeeping firm for photographers. She’s a Quickbooks ProAdvisor and loves to help photographers find financial clarity and peace of mind.
Tanya lives in Southern Indiana and is a mom of 6, so she has a high tolerance for chaos 🙂 She has a background in photography, and considers it a great privilege to have a front row seat to the success of awesome, talented photographers. She loves Jesus, good coffee, road trips and great conversations.

Resources shared in this episode:

Profit First book

The Personal MBA book

The Business Boutique  book

Photographers Guide to Bookkeeping


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