Fine Art Children’s Portraits with Lisset Perrier

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Her work is both ethereal, storytelling, and completely fine art.

Lisset Perrier’s photography journey began 6 years ago. She found her vocation in art at an early age and has been drawing and painting ever since. 

She has never taken a photography class however did grow up around cameras and photographs, and has a degree in graphic design. What inspired her about her photography is memories of her childhood …the art of telling a story and the way she is able to freeze a moment in time. 

I have actually been a student of hers for the past couple of years and love her whimsical children’s portraits. I always leave with fresh inspiration to ret anew editing technique. 

I knew she would be a great person to talk to about getting through creative ruts, creating fine art that aligns with your passion & working with kids.

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Facebook: @LissetPerrierartistry


Youtube: Lisset PerrierFacebook Group

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