Beyond the Pose: the Power & Joy in Capturing Moments that Can’t be Replicated with Kristen Cook

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If you are someone who has ever felt bored or stuck in your photography, and that your sessions start to blend together, then this conversation is for you.

I absolutely loved this conversation with Kristen Cook – the incredible Melbourne based photographer known for moving images, filled with emotion & storytelling.
She shares her journey from a posed photographer to a baby-led photographer, then redefined what newborn photography was to her, carving out her own path.

She shares her advice on shooting with intention & connection and getting really curious with yourself on what sparks your joy, as well as the power of having a personal project involving your own children.

This episode is for anyone who has struggled to find their own unique voice, with advice on walking your own path as an artist.

Discover more about Kristen Cook

Facebook: Kristen Cook | Photographer
Instagram: @kristencook1

Bio:  Kristen Cook describes herself as a Love Chaser | Light Painter | Storyteller and she does not use these words flippantly.

They all form part of who she is and her duty of being a memory maker. She is proud to document love – new relationships built of love and new tiny humans built of love. Beautiful, messy, honest, brilliant love.

APP M.Photog – Master of Photography
Newborn Retreat (Milky Way) – Speaker 2017, 2018, 2019
Insight (for Canon) – Speaker 2017
The Baby Summit – Speaker 2015, 2016, 2017
Family Retreat (Milky Way) – Speaker 2017
Head On Portrait Prize – Semi-Finalist 2015
NZIPP InFocus Conference – Speaker 2015
Canada Photo Convention – Speaker 2015
Clickaway Conference – Speaker 2014
VOICE Competition – Category Winner 2014
Click Magazine Cover – Issue 4, 2013
VIC Family Photographer of the Year – Runner Up 2012
AIPP Hair of the Dog – Speaker 2012
VIC Creative Photographer of the Year 2011
VIC Professional Photographer of the Year – Runner Up 2011
VIC Portrait Photographer of the Year – Runner Up 2011
AIPP The Event – Speaker 2011

Resources shared in this episode

Personal Project – Babies – Mine

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  1. Nicole on August 21, 2020 at 9:02 am

    These podcasts are amazing. I appreciate them so much. Thank you and all the guests that share. What a blessing these are! I grab a cup of coffee, sit down and relax and feel like I’m amongst friends. You are amazing!

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