8 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut with Lisa Digeso

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how to get out of a creative rut

When you are in a creative rut and you’re having an artistic identity crisis, our 8 tips will help you get rid of that self-doubt and confusion.

Artistic confidence does not come from external validation like thumbs up and likes. It comes from creating work that you truly love and align with.

Although it easier to try to fit in than to stand out, it’s important that you create art to feed your soul, rather than art to fit in. Here are some ways to break out of that creative rut.

Tip 1: Stop taking yourself so seriously (6:00)

Tip 2: Nourish your creativity (7:00)

Tip 3: Let yourself take bad photos (7:43)

Tip 4: Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to create and produce (8:11)

Tip 5: Look for inspiration in unusual places (8:38)

Tip 6: Rest (9:14)

Tip 7: Take action (10:03)

Tip 8: Learn something new (10:16)

Our podcast here is all about allowing yourself to get truly creative by breaking the rules sometimes! Check it out!

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