Why Perfectionism Is Holding You Back

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Why Perfectionism is Holding You Back (and What You Should Do Instead) with Sharon McMahon - Art & Soul Show

You cannot THINK your way into being successful.  But what do you do when you find yourself paralyzed on which direction to head?

You’ll love the wisdom from today’s guest, Sharon McMahon who shares the best way out of perfectionism and the importance of being willing to do it messy.

We dive deep into how consuming info can actually halt the creative process (if you aren’t careful), why managing your mindset is critical and how resistance can be a great signal you’re going in the right direction.

Sharon McMahon

Website: threeirishgirlsphotography.com
Instagram: @sharonsaysso
Facebook: @ThreeIrishGirlsPhotography
Bio: Sharon Mcmahon is a photographer based in Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior and runs ThreeIrishGirlsPhotography. She has been published in many magazines, including the cover of Time, ABC News, and Huff Post, and named a Senior Photography Icon.

If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram you will know what a funny lady she is. She shows up authentically online and belives big on the importance of mindset and relationship building with her clients.

Show Notes

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