Capturing the Magic of Motherhood – Maternity Photography with Ashly Collins

Inspired by her own struggles with pregnancy, Ashly has niched to maternity photography only, and has become an expert in finding, and creating, the magical moments of maternity for moms. Bring your tissues for this episode!

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Introduction (4:15)

How did you discover your love for maternity photography? (5:57)

I know how hard it can be to get and be pregnant, through my own struggles. My goal is to always make a mom feel magical, because I know how special that time is.

How did you niche down to doing only maternity photography? (7:26)

I kept fighting it! But I was drawn to it continuously, and the more I pursued it, the more it loved me back.

What has been your favourite shoot and why? (8:24)

I did a maternity photography session for my friend who had gone through IVF after losing a baby. At the session, we honoured her lost baby by painting a rainbow over her pregnant belly. Nothing will ever change the way that photoshoot made me feel.

How do you balance having a client closet while staying profitable? (12:34)

If there is an expensive piece I really want, I will bank some sessions to be able to afford it. I see it as an investment. I consider the durability and how many sessions I can get from it. I also consider how the outfit makes me feel, and how it inspires me.

Who are your top vendors to shop from? (15:39)

Sew Trendy, Myrtle & Moss, Reclamation and Flutter. They are all amazing women in the industry.

How do you deal with partners who aren’t into the session? (17:31)

I don’t give them another choice! We also play a lot, and I give silly prompts. At worst, I ask the partner to just give me 5 minutes, as Mom deserves that.

How do you find your voice? (23:04)

Take 5 minutes at each session to shoot just for you. Share sneak peeks of what you want to shoot more of.

What is your dream session? (24:52)

Anything at Joshua Tree.

How do keep yourself from burning out? (25:25)

I have to turn it all off. I don’t look at photos, and I keep away from photography groups. I gravitate to books and music to decompress.

The Book Nerd Section… (32:41)

Speed Round! (37:22)

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Bio: Ashly is exactly what you think, and nothing you expected. She has a kind heart, a sailor’s mouth, and the skills of a magician. Real magic. Not illusions.

She values her photography community, and her clients and works tirelessly for the betterment of both, fueled by the power of finding beauty in the everyday.

When she is not behind a camera she is at home with her two daughters and high school sweetheart in a sweet little town in West Virginia with their two cats.

Resources shared in this episode:

Sew Trendy

Myrtle and Moss Inspired Gown


Flutter Dresses

Big Magic Book

The Big Leap Book

The Book of Art

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