Cultivating An Attitude Of Adaptability with Heidi Hope

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Heidi Hope truly embodies courage, kindness, and faith in herself. Her ability to listen to her inner voice and pivot when her heart tells her it’s time is so powerful. 

She shares advice on staying inspired, finding passion when you’re burned out and teaches us that imperfect action is better than staying stuck in fear.

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Artist and Photographer Heidi Hope Guerard is a former high school art and photography teacher who achieved international recognition with her whimsical and ethereal backdrops for children created out of her world-renown family portrait studio in Cranston, RI. Heidi’s creative style of studio photography combined with her business and social media savvy helped the Heidi Hope Photography studio quickly grow to become one of the country’s most successful since opening in 2009. Often referred to as a “baby whisperer”, Heidi’s most celebrated work is creating artistic portraits of babies from their first days of life through their first days of school. Heidi is a multi-passionate entrepreneur founding Heidi Hope Photography®, Photographer Rising®, Heidi Hope Backdrops, and New England Photo Collective® while continuing public speaking and mentoring with a focus on education in the arts. Heidi currently photographs out of Rhode Island while hosting international photography workshops and public speaking to inspire and uplift creatives.

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