Creating Connection In Your Sessions with Stormy Solis

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Capturing connection with stormy solis

You hear it all the time, “Try to capture authentic moments” – but how do you actually do that?

Stormy Solis joins me on the show today to share her insight on how she captures such poetic moments in epic locations around the world. 

Her photography is all heart and I know you are going to love her advice on how to shift to creating work you truly love and how personal projects can be instrumental in freeing your creative soul.

Stormy Solis

Instagram: @stormysolis
Facebook: @
Bio: Stormy Solis is an award-winning family photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. She captures poetic moments in epic locations around the world. Her photography is full of heart and imperfect like people. Her deep-rooted love of nature and honest moments are reflected in her work. 

• 2018 & 2019 Looks Like Film “Artist of the Year: Best Family Photographer”
• 2019 Keynote Speaker at the Unraveled Retreat in Provo, Utah
• Click Pro 
• Unraveled Expert Artist
• 2019 Instructor at Dear Photographer’s Elevate + Grow in Austin, Texas
• 2018 Unraveled Academy Instructor & part of their Expert Panel
• 2018 & 2019 Instructor on the Milky Way Online Retreat
• 2016 VOICE Collection winner
• Evolve Workshops Instructor, San Francisco, February 2020
• Has taught since 2016, hosting 15+ workshops all over the world

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